Moon Rise Runs

Getting back into the swing of things is difficult. The sheer amount of races I signed up for the season is tiring. Yesterday, I once again, did not get up. But I did manage to make myself go for a run after work. Now one thing you should know about me is that I dislike working out in the evening. I feel all sluggish, full, and tired from my day and I severely hate giving up my time to relax. Working out at the asscrack of dawn allows me to have workouts that don’t infringe on the rest of my day, which I love. So my post work run was kind of a disaster. I spent my first five minutes standing at the end of my driveway stomping my feet like a child and making the horrible high pitch whining noise I make when things don’t go my way. This was because I had my ipod, headphones, and phone in my car for a while recently and my bluetooth was all out of synch for everything. So getting my ipod and my headphone to work out their issues and cooperate was frustrating. Normally they synch right up. Then about a mile in my shins started hurting. I stopped around the mile and a half mark to stretch, then gave up at 2.5 miles. Hey, at least I tried, right? 

And speaking of my ipod and headphones, let me tell you the absolute love that is wireless headphones. I always wear a necklace. Always. And wired headphones would tangle without fail. I can’t tell you how many times I stood in a gym bathroom, leaned over the mirror, trying to detangle my necklace and headphone cord in reverse, mirror image. So annoying. So I switch the bluetooth headphones about a year, year and half ago, and it is the best workout related decision I’ve ever made. I use these headphones (the price has gone way up! I got my first pair for $25) and they have all the controls on the left ear, great for righties like me. I never touch my ipod once it’s on my arm anymore. I have an older ipod too, the ipod classic 5th edition, 1st edition video, 2006 release. It still rocks, so I feel no need to get a new one or switch to my phone. But it is pre-bluetooth era, so I use this to make it play nice with my headphones. It is love!

I did get up, against my deepest reservations this morning. My run was decent. It was mornings like today I almost want to switch the running with my phone. Almost. But only because the moon was so pretty. Yes, the moon, it’s that dark out when I run in the morning. Last night was the harvest moon and it looked so beautiful hung so low in the sky, hanging big and white, and ethereal in the sky over the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station this morning when I ran through there. Maybe I should start stuffing my phone into my sports bra, just so I can show you all how lovely Geneva is in the morning dawn. But all lovely running weather aside, I did cut my run a tad short today. I got hit with the trots about a half mile in and usually I can run through it, but today pushed my ability on that, so heading home was quit the requirement after about two miles. So I got 3.67 miles in at a 9:07 pace, which is a bit slower than usual for me, but not bad realistically. 

My pace is something I want to expand on, but for another day I think. I’m going to attempt to get up tomorrow and run. Friday’s are my downfall, but with a two day-all day training today and tomorrow, being fed lots of mini pastries and catered lunches, I definitely need it.