More Time Trials, More Races!

I think I have perma-chills. I started getting cold yesterday afternoon and still haven’t warmed up. I walked around my office yesterday with a blanket completely wrapped around me. I spent this morning pressed into one of the radiators in my house for a good ten minutes before leaving for work. And now I’m wrapped back up in my blanket with the space heater on full blast. I must be dying. 

In other news, I did a cycling lactic threshold time trial this morning. In case you’re wondering about these LT tests I keep blabbing about, you can read up here. I’m quite pleased with my results. I might have half a life time worth of running under my belt, but damn, I am a beast on a bike. I covered 14 miles in the 30 minute test. That’s 28mph! And I had that sucker in a heavier gear too. Boom.

So I officially have my unique heart rate zones for cycling now:

My average heart rate for the test was 153, which means I averaged my test in zone 3, which ain’t bad! Endurance building and weight dropping, just what I need. And now once my gym resumes normal hours and I can start doing a 3 hour spin a few times a month, I can make my solo hour a zone two endurance build. 

I’ll redo my LT time trial for running on Monday. Then I should be all set to start working some heart rate zone work into my plans. I’m really glad I’m taking the time to do this. Garmin’s default HR zones were too wonky for me and just weren’t cutting it. 

Yesterday I missed my morning workout. I got up intending to go, checked the weather while I pottied, and saw it was -4 with a windchill of -33. Cue me going back to bed. I did go to spin last night though, so it wasn’t a total waste of a day for training. 

This morning’s workout also involved a bunch of squats with one minute planks in between each set. I’m participating in this challenge with my Junebugs workout group, but the planks were my own addition. I need to work on core strength, like yesterday. 

I didn’t look before I did my squats this morning. We’re on day 8 which is only 50 squats. I did 90 this morning without realizing it. Oops. I did them with a 4lbs medicine ball too. Beast modin’ this ish up you guys. 

Also, if you don’t frequent my “Upcoming Races” page often, I’ll fill you in. I mentioned I signed up for two more tri’s in my last post. Well, a woman Rob knows from his work (I assume, he know’s everyone from there) asked us to join her Seneca7’s relay team! *insert excited squeal here* I was dabbling on the idea of a spring half marathon, but this will do. It’s a 7 person team relay race that traverses the 77.7 mile loop around Seneca Lake. I’m pretty excited for this one. And that puts my total registered for races for 2014 up to seven so far! Eek!

Quantity over quality? What does 2014 hold for you?
Anyone else doing any crazy January fitness challenges?
With the Arctic Vortex heading out, what’s your weather looking like?

3 Replies to “More Time Trials, More Races!”

  1. One of my goals is to do a cycling lactic threshold test this year. It was interesting reading about your experience with it. And way to go on those squats! My January fitness challenge is to run every day. Thus far, it has been a success!

  2. I’m thinking about joining the winter running challenge (forget the exact name). I need to sign up by this weekend though! The weather here hasn’t been that bad. It was about 20 yesterday, 35 today, and it’s going to start warming up again.

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