Mussel Up!

Have I mentioned lately that my wedding anniversary is this weekend??? Maybe? It seems crazy to me that we have hit the one year mark already. This time last year I was working my last half day of work before taking off for two and half weeks. Crazy, crazy, crazy how the time does go. 

And even though our anniversary is this weekend, we went and saw Jack Johnson in concert this past weekend to celebrate. It was so fun and wonderful. And this weekend will celebrate by eating year old frozen cake. Yum?

Also, my parents got their new great dane puppy. I mean really, look at that face! And his block head. Too much!

So much cute I can’t even stand it. I played with him a lot. 

Monday I was off work so I planned a solid workout. My intention was to ride the Musselman half iron loop then run a few miles. My intentions were good but my workout was not up to my to snuff. I did in fact ride the Musselman loop and then some since I left from my house. This gained me my extra eight-ish miles. There were four of us who took off to ride together. 

And I was never that happy or pale again. Wowza did get some serious sun. 

I had some really great miles in those 62 plus that I rode. I clipped right along at a 17-18mph pace for more than half the ride. I was quite pleased. It was the last dozen or so that did me in. Poor Harry, the only gentlemen of our group. I think us ladies were riding a little too hard for him. Our club group rides are done regroup style which means ride at your own pace and if you fall behind the group will be waiting for you at the next turn. Stopping to wait is all fine and dandy on a 20-30 mile ride, but increase the mileage and all that stopping takes a toll. It was similar to Seneca7 in the fact that you work hard, then stop for a while. By the 41 mile mark stopping a handful of times caught up to me and my quads were screaming. I pulled ahead to head home from there. I knew if I stopped any more I wouldn’t be able to restart and I was bound and determined not to call Hubby for a ride. Those last few miles really did a number on me. 

I wish my average speed was better. Most of my miles were between 17-20 mph. Just goes to show you that those extra 8 miles I log going through town and the park that are super slow really destroy my average for a good hard ride.

And then to add insult to injury I got a damn flat coming up the last hill that I turn off of onto my street. I mean really??? I was less than half a mile from home and I got a freaking flat. Ugh. Shoot me. Insert cyclist walk of shame home. All that work and effort only to come up short at the end. Between being out for over an hour longer than I had anticipated, my quads hating on me, and my annoyance at my flat tire, I ended up not running. So now I need to rotate a brick workout into my weekend plans. All said and done though, I’m really happy with the ride. I really needed to get that distance in. And now I also feel fully prepared to change a flat should I have that issue in a race. Except now I need to go buy another spare tube. Dumb. 

So that’s about where I stand now. My sunburnt body is slowly getting less painful. And now I get to roll a workout over since I didn’t get one in on Tuesday thanks to my back and arms hurting so much. But so goes life I guess! 

What’s making you happy this week?
Tell me about a time you powered through a tough workout!

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  1. I can’t even imagine riding 62 miles, you are a trooper, even with painful quads!! Happy Anniversary, I hope you guys have something special planned. When we had our 1 year anniversary, we ate our frozen cake topper and it was surprisingly still really good! Your mom’s dog is ADORABLE!!!!

    1. It was a tough ride, for sure. And thank you! We don’t have much planned since we went to the concert last weekend, but we’ll do something small.

  2. Congrats on the anniversary and way cute pup!!! The thing that is making me happy this week is that I have a one hour massage scheduled for this afternoon! Woo hoo! It is so often that I have to power through a workout. This IM training stuff is not easy! In fact this morning, I had a steady run for 75 minutes. I was feeling fair, but my head was not in it! I just did NOT want to be running!! I was able to get in my total time though and did a little happy dance when I got off the treadmill. Powering through makes you that much tougher (I think:))!!
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    1. My head’s a bit out of the game these last couple of days. The sunburn situation is killing me. Great job powering through. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Also, I super jealous of your massage!

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