Must Have Cold Weather Running Gear

This winter, I don’t think it will ever end. When I got up yesterday it was -10F with a windchill of -29F. For real, -29F, those are some seriously cold temperatures. And school didn’t even give us a delay. Even my car cried a little when I started it to leave the house at 630am. And I park in a garage!

I miss being outside and running in the outside world. My basement is fine and the gym is okay, but sometimes you just need some fresh air. And while I have run in some very snowy weather before and I have run in some very cold weather before, -29F is beyond my comfort level. That’s a max for me, for sure.

But looking ahead at the weather, it seems it might actually start to warm up a bit. And I say that with some sarcasm because temperatures in the teens isn’t actually very warm, but when you’ve acclimated to sub-zero temperatures it suddenly feels like a heat wave. And by March it looks as though we may see high 20’s even low 30’s! Hello running weather! Remember a few years ago when the entire month of March was in the 80’s? Yeah, me too.

Anyhoo, with the thoughts of spring slowly approaching, my mind is starting to shift to moving my running back outside. however, 20’s and 30’s aren’t super warm, so making sure you have the right gear is essential. So, I thought I’d go ahead and share my list of all my must have cold weather running gear!


1. Good socks- I do run in my regular running shoes, even when I’m trotting through fresh snowfall, so good socks are definitely necessary. I typically use hiking socks that are meant to withstand some weather and keep the heat in. I have a few different brands that I rotate through, but have found hiking socks to really have the durability, warmth, and wicking capability to withstand some frigid and snowy temperatures.

2. Running tights- Full length tights, including something with a bit more of a high waist too just for a little extra layering. My preference is Under Armour and I own a couple of pairs of cold weather running tights by them.

3. Base layer- My all time favorite base layer for cold weather running are my never ending collection of fleece lined compression mock turtle neck tops. I own quite a few Nike and Under Armour variations of this and always, always, always wear one if it’s going to be in the 30’s or below.

4. Top layer- I really only have one go to for this. My one, my only, my love, my Pearl Izumi Elite Infinity Jacket. I found this on clearance at Dick’s a couple of years ago and basically live in it all spring and fall as well as train through the winter in it. It’s amazing and I adore it.

training ride
Seriously, look at that amazing jacket! It was soooooo windy that day, holy hell! But I never even noticed 😉

5. Gloves- Depending on just how cold it is, I will sometimes throw on some gloves. Granted no matter how cold it is they always come off by the first mile, my hands just get warm, but if I don’t at least start with them then I’m definitely hurting. I have Nike fleece lined running gloves and they are fabulous.

6. Hat- I actually don’t have my own legit winter running hat. The perk of wearing over the ear bluetooth headphones is that my ears stay nice and warm. But I do on occasion put one on. I usually steal borrow my husband’s Marmot winter beanie.

Marmot beanie and one of my many Nike base layer tops


Hopefully with the temperatures climbing above zero I can finally start getting outside again. Someday it’ll be spring. Someday!

And don’t forget; if there’s something you need to add to your cold weather running gear collection, you can get 15% off your completely purchase at by using coupon code TRIGIRL15 at check out!

What’s your threshold for cold weather running?

What is one piece of must have cold weather running gear you love?

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  1. I feel so bad for your side of the country. Everyday I wake up and there is something on the news about how badly the east cost and northeast is getting hammered by cold, snowy weather. I can’t imagine having to run in those conditions every day, but it sounds like you have the right equipment and are prepared to do so when push comes to shove. The most important things to me when running in freezing weather are a good pair of gloves and something to keep my head and ears warm! Spring is on the way!!!
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Putting My Ironman Dreams On HoldMy Profile

    1. I sure hope spring is on the way! I like winter and snow but this year has just been brutal.

  2. Well, being in the South, I won’t run outside if it’s below freezing. That hardly never happens, so I’m safe to run outside almost all year long. Yesterday I ran in 35 degree weather. That was pretty frigid. (Though I have run in high-20s before when I traveled to NJ for a race with friends.)

    For socks, I LOVE Darn Tough. They are made in Vermont, and they come with a lifetime warranty (yeah, on socks). They are my go-to for endurance events and cold runs now. Other than socks, I have to have gloves because my hands get soooo cold. And I like a long sleeved shirt and leggings (depending on temp).
    The Famous Mudder recently posted…Weekly RecapMy Profile

    1. Ohhh, I will look into those socks! I am a sucker for good, comfy, warm socks. I’m still sad I missed you for the race in NJ! Maybe someday we’ll race together =)

  3. Holy cow that is COLD! Great tips. I’m really lucky that I live in a place where it doesn’t get cold all that often. I usually just skip running that day. But I know some people can’t and this is a great list you made. Cute jacket…I love Pearl Izumi’s jackets. I have one that I just love and wear all the time.

    1. I wish I lived somewhere that didn’t get so cold! And ya to PI jackets! They are my favorite.

    1. I can’t believe how mild it is for you in Alaska! It sounds like your winter has been pretty easy going in terms of weather. You’re lucky you bailed off the east coast when you did!

  4. My blood is so thin from living in Az that 25 is about my limit! I ran in snow too long and finally moved away from it all! If we get any it is gone within 24 hours! Spring always comes!

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