Nearing the End


I made it! I made it to 37 weeks! Third time’s the charm. Or something like that.

Again, I’m bad about posting. I finally gave up running at 32 weeks. I could have kept going, but I missed a full weekend and knew it’d be hard to pick up from there with after work runs to hang on to it, so I threw in the towel.

With Ellie I stopped at the same point, 32 weeks, but I was “running” one very awful mile at 13:30 minute pace and it felt like torture. My last run this pregnancy I was still hanging at about a 12:30 minute pace and feeling fabulous after 1.5 miles. I wish I had run longer, but even if I did I’d be done by now. The hot mess express has pulled into the station at this point.

I miss running so. The weather is amazing and every time I see anyone outside running I get a crazy pang of jealousy. I already informed my husband I’d doing another postpartum marathon. Not that I was thinking about it or whatever, just I’M DOING IT. I’ll throw a few tri’s in for good measure, because tri love is real. But I don’t currently have pool access so that makes things tricky.

Double BOB acquired! All ready to run pushing twice the kiddos!

Pregnancy is going. I’m back in prodromal hell. Lots of contractions, sometimes I get hours of timeable ones that never got stronger and then eventually fizzle out. That’s become almost daily. I declined a check at my 36 week appointment so no clue if I’m dilating yet or not. I kind of wish I had gotten checked, but Rob was with me and chose to protect his fragile male eyes from me getting an internal. Lolololololol. But I had a growth scan at 34 weeks and my ccervix was 3.9cm. At my 36 week scan it was down to 2.2cm, so it’s doing stuff. The last few days too the pressure and pain in my cervix has left me unable to walk or doubling over in pain at some points. Fingers crossed this all points to labor. I’m slated to VBAC and my doctors won’t even talk induction with me until 41 weeks to increase my chances of success. If I make it to 41 weeks pregnant I will have a pregnancy rage induced meltdown. #TeamNever40Weeks

Did I mention I’m still at work too? Because I am. Last time I was pulled at 35 weeks. I planned to go around around a similar time this go around, but my I’m in a different district and their sick bank leave policy is questionable at best. I don’t think I’ll be eligible and I’m too scared it’ll cost me a paid maternity leave to take the gamble, so I’ll be working until I’m basically crowning. Do you know how hard teaching seventh grade in the inner city is at 37 weeks? It’s fucking miserable, that’s how hard.

Any day now, baby. Any day. Please.

In other news, Ellie will be 2 years old in a few short weeks. We have nothing planned due to my due date and her birthday being two days apart. But we’ll do something.

She’s really the sweetest thing ever. She’s sooooooo smart. Knows the whole alphabet, like 13 or 14 different colors, soooo many animals and their corresponding sounds, can almost count to ten and is figuring out how to actually see things and tell us how many of something there is. Her vocabulary is out of control. And she’s stringing two and three words together like a champ. She’s a phenomenal sleeper and sleeps straight through the night 10-12 hours every night. Loves to play, paint and do playdoh, cuddle while watching a movies, and it currently obsessed with all things Halloween. I just adore everything about her. I’m so lucky.

Hopefully my next update will be a labor or birth announcement. And hopefully I can maybe get myself together and post more frequently. Some day.