The Never Ending Countdown

Wow, some days are just too much. Monday ended up being rough!

Just a straight up struggle for me getting ready in the morning and I ended up leaving a few minutes later than usual. And on my drive in I missed my turn which meant I had to drive into town and back track, getting caught up in the school traffic that I usually avoid. The kids were a bit riled up and I ended up having to cancel track practice. Coach K was out sick and I had a professional development to go to after school, so I didn’t get home any earlier even though I didn’t have track. Just, eh.

My run Monday was non existent. I was all mentally prepped to run in the dark and cold. I was not prepared for the hellish winds. I give up! Bah.

I’m working on cleaning up my diet too. I’m so hit or miss and last week I never grocery shopped, so I ate a bunch crap by the end of the week. This week I bought stuff to make whole grain turkey and veggie sandwiches for lunch, fixings for chicken salads and salmon and veggies for my dinners. Once I have a few good days everything will fall into place. It’s just getting through those few good days first.

Begging dog does not approve of salad

And speaking of rough, I think every day between now and Friday the nineteenth when we break for Christmas is just going to suck. . The kids are already starting to go out of their minds and there’s still a week and a half left. I totally destroyed by 230 yesterday. Just destroyed. I do not know how I am going to survive until next Friday. Just keep counting down. Just keep checking off the days

I’ve been feeling a bit off this week. A bit run down and I’m sadly already anticipating the weekend, even though I only get one day off. Oh track meet, lets see how badly you make me want to scream.

But I will relax and enjoy my Sunday. And I will survive this week. I will. I will.

How do you de-stress or unwind after a hard day/week?

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  1. It sounds like we are having very similar weeks. I have been so stressed out from work that every day I am surprised that I made it home in one piece. How is it only Wednesday? I feel like this week has already been 5 days.

    I have been trying to unwind with a good book each night. It takes my mind off of work and, unlike the internet, I can’t decide to check my work email and thus end up thinking about work all night.
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  2. I feel your pain. Work has been stupid crazy as of late. I go home and attempt to unwind, but my mind is still at work. I mentally make to-do lists all day of crap I have to get done. I have 13 days (not counting today) to get a few MAJOR projects at work done. Oh, and of those 13 days, 5 of them are weekends/days off from work.

    But we’ll both make it out alive on the other side. It may be crazy now, but it will get better (and less crazy). Just a few more days lady, just a few more days!
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  3. I too have had a lot of unnecessary stress lately. I missed my swim after work on Tuesday due to helping a student for over an hour…while I’m glad he came in to get help, it cut into my workout plan and stress relief. So frustrating to not get the stress relief that we want and need.

    We have two black labs…one would think the same as your lab, but the other is definitely a vegetarian and loves fruits and veggies. She is definitely not the norm 😉

    Only a short time left ’til winter break and then we can get some serious workouts in!!
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