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These are screen caps from my Garmin920XT sleep data. The purple is when I’m awake. And that’s only two nights, but they all look pretty similar. Yes, despite being a new mommy who is up regularly throughout the night, I’m still rocking my Garmin. The data is pretty telling as to why I’m feeling like a zombie-oid disaster.

Lack of sleep, probably my least favorite part of having a squishy newborn.

I’ve been kind of a grump and have a tendency to focus on the negatives when I’m tired and feeling so worked to the bone. Because you know what? Babies are hard work.

But babies are also fun, and adorable, and squishy, and make my little heart go pitter patter. Namely my baby. Of course. So I thought maybe I’d talk a little bit about the good parts of having a new squish.

Like all the baby snuggles.

snoozing happily on mommy.
snoozing away happily on mommy.

My absolute, number one favorite thing right now is when she sleeps on my chest. She looks so peaceful and precious and it just fills me so much love for my little girl.

She’s also starting to get some personality. She loves all the faces and noises daddy makes and she loves to sit up, look at her new world, and play.

Having some play time with mommy

She’s starting to show some reactions now and if you tickle her just right you can gt her to crack a little smile. I’m hoping soon we start getting smile reactions to more. It’s so fun and she has such a sweet little smile.

Then there’s the catch 22 of the joy, and sometimes frustration, that this little person, this little thing, needs constant attention. Babies are needy and that is really difficult. It is. But it’s also kind of nice. I like that my little one looks to me for not only her physical needs, like food, but also her emotional needs and comfort.

I can’t help but smile when I pick up my crying baby and after a moment of talking softly and looking her in the eyes she stops, looks back at me, and snuggles up against me.


That sweet little face makes me melt. She drives me a little crazy some times when she cluster feeds for hours on end or when she refuses to sleep all night long unless someone is awake holding her the entire time. But all of that is temporary, I know. And the snuggles, and the happy baby, and sweet smile, and the love. It’s all worth it.


I was not the best at being pregnant. And I’m having some hard days working through this newborn phase. There are days where I spend more time crying than not. And there are days where I’m exhausted and frustrated and wondering what we were thinking when we decided to have a baby. But then there are days where there are happy baby noises, and all the cuddles, and fun family moments as our little family of four. And those days I am very grateful we have little Eleanor with us. And I know things will only get better from here. I can’t imagine my life without my little Ellie anymore.

Fellow mommy readers- what’s your favorite part of being a parent?

What is one piece of advice you can offer this first time mama?

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    1. Those are good sleep stretches! Glad she’s starting to sleep better at night even if she fusses during the day. We have plenty of fussy days too.

  1. She’s so cute! One piece of advice that was given to me was always stick to a routine. I think I may have said it before but my babies did so much better with sleeping when I got them on a nightly routine even when they were just a few days old. We did the 4 B’s in this order…. bath,books,bottle,bed. It seemed as if they knew it was bedtime and this got them both to calm down and they’d sleep really long stretches. Days were a different story though…uggg daytime pretty much sucked for us. Hang in there and keep looking at those positives.

  2. That is awesome that you have been using your Garmin to track your sleep/wake periods. Oh, the life of a new mom. The sleep does get better, I promise! It all seems like a blur for me now. ☺

    My favorite part of being a parent is watching this tiny person grow and change on a daily basis… and look to you for everything he/she needs. My son and I have a bond that can’t be replicated or replaced by anything. It is so beyond special!!!

    I really don’t have too much advice, as I am in your shoes going through all of this for the first time myself… but the one thing that I feel is incredibly important is to make time for YOU and ask for help. I thought I could do it all and I was wrong.
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