New Toys!

I spent the last few days at my parent house dog sitting while they were out of town. And while being away from home may not have been good for me in terms of eating, I did get to run at Onondaga Lake Park, where my half marathon will take place. 

I was mostly excited about running at the lake because it flat, which is a rare run for me to not encounter hills. But also because I ordered a new toy and was excited to play with it. In fact, I loaded up on new toys this weekend. 

New fuel belt, new shoes, new watch! 

I have a hand held water bottle and it’s nice to have on mid length runs where I don’t need to eat or only pop one shotblock for a whole run. But with one hand left unusable, I find I have a hard time getting shot blocks out of my pocket or fiddling with my watch. I dislike feeling slightly incapacitated, so I opted to try out a fuel belt. And while it took me about half a mile of fidgeting with it to figure out where to wear it and get the belt tightened enough that it didn’t bounce like crazy, I liked it. I could carry shotblocks, water, and my phone without hassle. 

As for shoes, I decided to go crazy and switch brands. I’ve been running in Nike Free’s for about 2-3 years now and have gotten the feeling that the quality has severely decreased over the last few pairs I’ve owned. So I did some research, talked to some Fleet Feet people, and settled on Brooks PureFlow 2’s. However, my run in them today wasn’t so hot. It took me until about 4 miles to get comfortable, but I’m chalking that up to a muscular learning curve. The support in them is very different from my Free’s so I think they’ll be good once I break them in and my muscles adjust to the support change. So I’ll give them another run tomorrow and see how I feel anyways. 

As for my new watch, it is love. I bought the Garmin Forerunner 310XT. I know there’s a newer version with a few of the swim setting quirks worked out, but this is fine for me. In fact, it’s more than fine. I love it. I took it out for it’s first run session this morning and was delighted with my choice. It has the option to have up to four data fields showing at once on the screen and up to four screens are a time you can scroll through. That’s 16 data fields! I don’t even know what I’d do with that much! I ran this morning with four; time, heart rate, distance, and average pace. I plan to set up a second screen with my heart rate zones and calories burned. 

My run this morning was so-so, but playing with my watch made it more fun. I liked the auto pause option and was happy with my decision to turn that on. With my legs bothering me I stopped to stretch every mile and my watch stopped when I did and started back up when I started moving again. I didn’t have to do anything, it did this all on it’s own and I really liked that. It also vibrates at every mile and flashes me my split time for that particular mile, which was a nice way for me to pick up my pace a bit each mile. 

This won’t rotate, so pretend it’s going the right direction. It’s the right way on my computer. It would probably help if I wore my watch on top of my wrist, not on the underside, like a normal person. Then I wouldn’t have to twist my arm so awkwardly to take the picture. 

Overall, my pace was slow. I’m usually somewhere in the 8:35-9 minute per mile range. *angry fist shake at shins* I blame that on my muscles having a hard time shifting from Nike Free’s to Brooks PureFlow’s, but I think tomorrow should go better. 

So that’s that. No spinning tonight because I called to late to reserve a bike, but it’s for the better. My sleep the last few nights was restless and not what I’m used to at my own house, so I’m very tired tonight. Griswolds less than a mile walk was enough to wipe me out. 

Tomorrow is back to work and real life. And attempting to regain control of my eating. It’s been ridiculous since getting back from our honeymoon and I need to stop eating like crap day in and day out. I’ve put some pounds back on and I’d like them to go away. I’m still determined to see 120 again. Someday. 

How was your run or workout today? 
What new toy would you get next if you were going to get one?

6 Replies to “New Toys!”

  1. Welcome to the Garmin family! I have the 910XT since I do a lot of indoor pool swims. I almost bought the 310XT several times, but kept getting outbid on EBay. I found a good deal on the 910 after selling a bunch of stuff myself.

    My next gadget purchase would be a heart rate monitor. I have the footpod since I do treadmill runs sometimes. Maybe one day I’ll use the watch for a tri!?!

    1. I ran with a Polar prior to this, so I got very accustom to the heart rate option, so buying the bundle pack with the chest strap was a must for me. I need to get the footpod. I almost bought it yesterday, I had it in my hands, but I figured I’d spent enough on everything, so maybe my next paycheck. I will get pushed inside by the weather very soon, so I won’t have a choice eventually.

      Yes, do a tri! I’ll come visit and we can do Ironman Augusta 70.3 together. Or better yet, we can do Ironman Chattanooga together in 2015. Jump right into the big kahuna. And also by together I mean we’ll both cross the finish line, but you’ll beat me there because you’re faster than me and I can’t swim.

  2. I did a cray legs workout yesterday with a gagillion lunges and I’m feeling it today!!! eeeeek. Upper body on the docket today!

    As for toys, I have no idea! I do want a new HRM and I’ve been thinking about the Polar, but I hear from a lot of people that they don’t last very long… I have a new balance one now that works ok, it’s not fancy, but does what it’s supposed to! 🙂 – LOVE the shoes!

    1. Yeahhhh, my Polar HRM watch was a gift from Rob for Christmas last year and the transmitter has been acting up for a few months now. Even with new batteries. Garmin has their traditional Forerunner for pretty cheap. It’s a basic HRM/GPS watch. Kristen has one. And they come in amazing colors. You could probably look into those.

  3. I like the fuel belt! I have the same style, just gray and orange… not nearly as cute. But it does the trick, especially on those long runs!

  4. I love the Nathan Fuel belt. I’ve been using it for years, it’s so good! I have the Garmin 910xt and I LOVE it. My next new toy would be the Garmin Vector pedals for my bike. My hubby says I should wait a few months until they iron out the kinks. It will sync with my watch and display speed, distance and power. It’s pricey though so I’m going to have to start saving my pennies, ha ha.

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