Now Is As Good A Time As Any

Happy Monday. Oh Monday.

My week. How was my week? It was okay. Brutally exhausting, but fine. First full week back at school after two weeks off and it left me quite tired by Thursday, not to mention Friday.

I had my unannounced observation too. First week back after two weeks off for the holidays. On a Friday afternoon. Oh my lucky stars, thank goodness my principal showed up when he did though. He came to my best class. And my kiddos were so great, so despite my exhaustion and it being Friday afternoon post break, I’m pleased. I think I should get some really good feedback from it based on the email I got already.

As for my workouts, just three. Two spin classes and a 3 mile base run on the treadmill. But my plan is to run and swim today. I have a 26.2 mile duathlon in April. It’s 15 weeks out and while I know I can finish, I want to do well, so it’s time I start putting myself together a training plan and actually start focusing on something. And even though I won’t register until at least two months out, come March I’m going to start 70.3 training with the intentions for doing Ironman Syracuse again and possibly Musselman 70.3 as well.


On another note, my nutrition is the pits.

I’ve been a yo-yo dieter my whole life. I have no concept of what weight maintenance is since it’s something I’ve never experienced for myself.

After I tore my calf in August, my body was still yearning to consume calories at my training intake for a few weeks. Once my physical hunger abated, my appetite held strong. And now I’ve slogged along through the holidays and finally stepped on my scale for the first time since maybe August? September? I don’t know. But I basically threw up in my mouth when I saw that number staring back at me.

So it’s time for an overhaul there too. Increased training will help, but at the end of the day, you can’t out exercise a bad diet. I am basically the poster child for that.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Too chubby for my own good and needing to get a training plan in place for my duathlon and ultimately some potential 70.3 races.

So I bought some healthy food for this week, have a plan for all my meals, and have a plan for workouts that I just need to get down on paper. Then I need to, ya know, make it all happen and work.

What’s your favorite easy and healthy recipe suggestion (links welcome)

For those who have done a Du before, any training tips?

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  1. no recipes here BUT BUT BUT that’s all because Im keeping it simple these days (we just moved).
    (and we are almost done unpacking the kitchen and THEN Ill have me more recipes ;-))

    1. That’s generally how I eat when I am on a good streak. I need to cut down to basics again. That is what works!

  2. No recipes but I try to keep it simple. I’m still having trouble with not eating all the sweets in the house. That’s my downfall.
    I have a duathlon in May. Du training is similar to tri. Considering all the tris you’ve done, you shouldn’t have any problem with it. Just make sure you get the bike mileage in and personally, I would do more than the du distance.

    1. My usual rides are a minimum of 20 miles, which is the DU distance, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

      And sweets in the house, what is that =P Nothing like that lasts in our house, haha

    1. Ya know, I’ve never made soup before! I make chili a lot in the winter, but I should try soup. Great idea!

  3. I try to keep my eating simple – if it takes me more than 45 minutes to make, I’m not going to make it. Grilled or baked protein (we’re big chicken & fish eaters) with some kind of veggie side. I’ve been lax in my meal prep since being sick – this was the first weekend I finally sat down and made a meal plan and prepped food. One of the best things I bought was Matt Fitzgerald’s Racing Weight cookbook. It’s really well laid out, all of the recipes are fairly quick and I really like everything I’ve made from there. It’s a go to for me when I’m looking for meal inspiration. As for doing a DU, try not to kill yourself on that first run because it makes the second run incredibly sucky. 😀
    Phaedra @ Blisters and Black Toenails recently posted…BlindsidedMy Profile

    1. Yeah, I won’t spend more than 45 minutes to cook a meal unless it’s a holiday. That’s too much. I like things I can just whip together.

      I imagine that second run sucks! I’ll have to keep in mind not going crazy through the first 5k.

  4. It’s hard to go back to teaching after time off isn’t’ it? I managed to get in over 7 hours of workouts though in spite of teaching! (Yes I was wiped!)

    If you are an ultra runner or multi-day racer you can pretty much eat all the carbs, fat, sugar, meat and caffeinated stuff you want. Their words, not mine!

    1. I guess I should become an ultra marathoner so I can continue to enjoy carbs, my downfall!

      It is tough going back after break. Great job on seven hours!

  5. I always find that if I plan for the week and know my schedule/workouts/meals etc. I do a better job at staying on track. You will get there girl. Don’t beat yourself up too much. You just exited a great season last year, had a career change, schedule change, etc. etc. and that is A LOT. Sometimes it takes a while to adjust. I have a feeling that by the time next season rolls around, and you start getting back into a routine, you will be just fine!

    I started doing DUs before triathlon and really enjoyed them. The training is not that different and you only have to worry about the bike to run transition (which is really nice). It can be even easier to go to hard on the bike, so just be mindful of how your body is responding. Lots of bike-run bricks when training!! ☺
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…IMCanada Week Two: Finding My GrooveMy Profile

    1. Brick, yes, all the bricks! I need to start scheduling those regularly into my weeks.

  6. The first week back for me was also a challenge. Thankfully I started off 2015 strong. I always find that if I plan for my week by laying out all of my training gear that I’ll need for my different workouts for the week, laying out my work clothes and planning meals, we are much more successful at sticking to the plan. The hardest part is often putting our feet on the floor and getting out the door (or into the basement for some #paincavelove). I have not participated in a Du, but I have been looking for one to participate in this year as part of our IM training. I’ll let you know if I decide on one 😉
    Kecia recently posted…29 Weeks ’til Ironman BoulderMy Profile

    1. I can’t wait to set my bike up in my basement and make myself a paincave! I think that will help me. Since I changed jobs I can no longer workout in the mornings and going to the gym at 530 when it’s packed makes me crazy.

      If you find a Du I’d love to know! We can be virtual Du training buddies!

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