Oh Garmin, My Garmin

You guys! My new toy came on Tuesday! *squeeeeeee*

I have to say, it was bittersweet taking the ol’ 310XT out for her last run. We did 2.15 miles together to ring in the 2015 new year and that was that. I sold her Monday to a tri-guy in NJ and got her all packed up and shipped out yesterday.

I was a little sad. I get kind of sentimental about things. That watch taught me all about what kind of athlete I am. It was my biggest asset during all my training leading into my last season. It saw me through my first 70.3, won me my AG at Delta Lake Oly, and was just overall an incredible training tool. It may not have had all the bells and whistles, but at no time during the year and a half I trained with it did I ever lust for anything else.


So my new toy showed up. It’s so pretty.

It’s inaugural workout was spin class. It was Tuesday; Tuesday is spinning, so my new 920XT joined me because if a workout doesn’t record then it didn’t happen. Because obviously. And if you follow me on instagram you got the sneak peak of my shiny new toy.


I did finally get to run with it. It took everything in my power to force myself inside. It was -15 with the windchill yesterday afternoon, and while I’ve run in colder weather, the wind was out of control brutal. So I caved and headed for the gym.

I threw my footpod in with my 310 when I sold it. The 920 comes with the HRM-Run heart rate monitor which actually captures all your run data, including indoor running distance when the GPS is off, via the HRM. I was really curious about this and I’m happy to report that the HRM indoor distance tracking was significantly more accurate than my footpod ever was. It was within one one-hundreth of a mile the entire time, pretty incredible.


It also tracks vertical oscillation (how up you go during your running stride versus how far out you push yourself) and your ground contact (how long you feet stay on the ground). All this data is supposed to help you with your running form, so we’ll see. I don’t understand much about it yet, but I plan to learn more.

I forgot to set my data fields before my run, so I was toggling between the multiple default screens to the see everything I’m used to seeing. That was annoying, but 100% all my own fault.

I’m super excited to take it into the pool. I got a new swim workout book for Christmas and I’m pumped to just upload the workouts right to my watch and just dive in and go. My watch will just tell me what to do and it’ll be awesome.

Once I use it a bunch more I’ll do a bit of a review, but so far so good.

Also, because it’s that time of year again, I’ve got a brand new coupon code to offer up! Use code TRIGIRL15 when you checkout from all3sports.com for 15% off your complete purchase (exceptions include Garmin, bikes, and clearance, as usual. Everything else is fair game.)


Do you use any sort of sports watch when you workout?

Anyone else caving and getting a 920XT? Come to the dark side, join me!

6 Replies to “Oh Garmin, My Garmin”

  1. ive got a forerunner 405cx that I couldn’t live without. I’m SO jealous – I’ve been eyeballing the 920 since I’m starting with tri’s this year.

    Did you like your 310? A friend of mine is selling his 310 (for cheap!) since he just upgraded and I’m thinking maybe it’d be a good intro for ky first tri season?

    1. The 310 is a fabulous beginner tri watch! It lacks pool swimming metrics, but it has an OWS setting, multisport function, and has lots of running and cycling metric options. If the 920 didn’t catch my eye so much I would have happily just kept using my 310. If you’re just getting into the sports it’s a great place to start!

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