Product Review – TYR Complete Swim Training Package

I’m going to go ahead and start out by saying I am not a good swimmer. It is my weakest discipline in triathlon and I plan to work very, very hard this winter to get it figured out. And I’ve spent a good amount of time in the pool lately Read more →

A Training Plan and A Dream

Okay! Here it is, my winter training plan for Ironman 70.3 Syracuse. I’ve spent a good amount of time thinking this through and this past week I started getting myself out of my slump and back into routine. I was able to tweak a few things to get my schedule Read more →

Go Home Garmin, You’re Drunk

This is going to start off as a post filled with complaining. Garmin, you are a jerk. I made the stupid decision to take Griswold on a walk when I calibrated my footpod, which was my first mistake. It was off by 14%, seriously. The range should be 1-2% to account Read more →

Free Things and Bucket List Dreams

We’ll start with the mail today. On Friday this box came.  Probably should have thought to snap the picture before I tore into it. This has been a long awaited box in the making. About two months ago now I put out a tweet asking for wetsuit suggestions and tagged Read more →

Race Recap – Empire State Half Marathon

So Sunday. Empire State Half Marathon. Whewwww. It was good. We opted to stay home Saturday night and drive to Syracuse the morning of. It meant getting up earlier than if we had stayed at my parents, but it also meant a much better nights sleep. And I’m telling you this Read more →

All Good Things

So a lot of really cool and exciting things all sort of happened at once. First thing’s first, if you glace up at your address bar you’ll notice my shiney new URL. I went ahead and secured my dot-com, which makes me feel more legit. For anyone who follows me or Read more →

The Grass is Always Greener

I think I need to just close my office door, put my head down on my desk, and make my way through my stash of Reese’s mini cups I swiped out of the candy bowl. My morning work program neglected to tell me I was cancelled this morning. I drove Read more →

What Motivates You Wednesday

Motivation is a weird beast. Ever since finishing FLT my motivation has been a bit lost. I’ve been awful about getting up to work out in the morning and I haven’t pulled a two-a-day in months.  With my half marathon only days away, I wonder about this a bit. Rob Read more →

Race Recap – Camp Talooli 5k

Another race down. One left, the biggy. Half marathon in less than one week!But, for now, a quick recap on the Camp Talooli 5K.This was my second year in a row running this race. It will always hold a bit of a special place in my heart too. If you Read more →

Bursitis Bites

Hip Bursitis. Yup, nailed it. Went to the sports medicine doctors this morning. I’m pretty sure was the only non-octogenarian there, which is probably why as an orthopaedic clinic, they only bring in their sports med people once a week. The first doctor was a tiny little Asian women who spoke insanely fast and Read more →