A Little Pep In My Step

Exhaustion. It’s real.

Babies are hard. Not sleeping is hard. I haven’t slept through a full night since I was like 20 weeks pregnant. I just can’t life anymore, you guys.

Some days I have to choose order of importance for things to accomplish in my day. I wish napping always made the cut, but some days it just can’t. Then by 5pm I’m basically a zombie. There’s only so many times you can get up in the middle of the night to deal with a fussy baby. And then when the dog vomits while you’re trying to console said baby in the dark, early morning hours it totally makes your night complete.

In between feedings, and consoling, and singing, and swaying, and not sleeping, I did manage a few workouts.


I got in a 2 mile run on Monday and it felt decent. Have I mentioned how amazing it is to have a treadmill in my basement now and how grateful I am that we got it down there? Because if not, I am. That thing is a god send right now. And I’m just so happy to be running comfortably and pain free finally. Between pregnancy and having a torn calf muscle prior to getting pregnant it’s been a long time since I’ve had runs that felt good.

Tuesday I got back on my bike. My cycling fitness is not so great still. I did about 30 minutes and covered 10 miles in that time. I did an easy five minute warm up and cool down then powered through the middle 20 minutes. I averaged 128 watts of power, so still nothing stellar. It sucks how much riding feels difficult right now. I really hope it starts to feel less terrible. I should probably go get my bike refit too anyways.


I ran again on Thursday since I spent Wednesday in Syracuse and didn’t work out. I did a quick warm up and cool down and ran 2.5 miles in between. My speed is still hoovering over the 12 minute per mile mark but that’s okay. It is faster now than when I first started back up running. My speed will come back. Slowly maybe, but it’ll come.

Friday I was in Syracuse again all day and Sunday I was down state in Olean all day, so I squeezed in one last workout for the week on Saturday. I ran again and planned to do another 2.5 mile run, but you guys; I ran 3 miles! And it didn’t suck! I got to 2.5 miles and felt okay so I decided to run another quarter mile. Then I got to 2.75 miles and felt okay and decided to do another quarter mile again. Honestly, I got to mile 3 and felt okay still, but I made myself stop. I need to make myself take things slow. I’m only 10 weeks out from a c-section and being someone who is injury prone, I don’t want to over do anything too soon. But this was even when I was down right exhausted and only getting like 4-5 hours of very broken sleep the whole night. I can’t believe my body managed that given how effing, deliriously exhausted I am.

For this week I’m hoping to get in three more runs again and hopefully two spin sessions. I really need to start logging more saddle time. My “long” run this week will be 3.5 miles since I squeezed out my 3 miler a week early.

Happy Monday everyone!

What was your best workout this week?


8 Replies to “A Little Pep In My Step”

  1. Yaaaaay so excited for you! I know how badly you wanted to get back to working out so this is awesome! As a recovering runner I’m still not running 3 miles straight without my mandatory walk breaks (the hips are getting stronger though, I can feel it!) so I’m super impressed and jealous!
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    1. Thanks friend! You are a rockstar and you will get back into running without pain or breaks soon enough. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. They are! I never understood how that was possible, but somehow they are so hard.

  2. Glad to hear you’re back in the saddle. You feel about cycling like I feel about running. Keep at it a little at a time! It will get better (we all know this but it is so hard to believe it sometimes).

    1. Oh I love to ride… outside. The trainer and I, we don’t always get along. A little at a time is the plan!

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