To Persevere Into A New Year

Happy New Year!

Holy wow, 2015 brought me some curve balls. Namely pregnancy and a new baby. And while I only managed to get in one race this year, my second time running Seneca7, I did still stay active through almost my entire pregnancy. I was still going to spin class through week 30 and running through week 32.

Last year I set some slightly lower goals for myself knowing that we were planning to try and start our family and I may not be as capable. And I was right to think that. So here’s what I had set out to accomplish for the year-

1. Rebuild my run 
2. Lose weight (…again)
3. Workout with my tri club once a week 
4. Run at least 500 miles 
5. Cycle at least 1500 miles
6. Get certified to teach spinning
7. Workout three times a week minimum
So how did I stack up?
1. Nope. Pregnancy made running difficult, tedious, slow, and short. But I did push through and stick it out as long as I could manage, so I am proud of that.
2. Nope. See pregnancy.
3. Nope. See pregnancy.
4. Nope. 116.13 mile ran. I was only running 1-2 miles at a time while pregnant. Mostly just one mile at a time. And I didn’t record my walks during the last month, so I don’t have that distance to add in.
5. Nope. 635.05 miles cycled.
6. Nope. See pregnancy.
7. YES. Even throughout my pregnancy I did manage to stay on top of workouts. There were a few weeks where I missed this, like when I sprained my ankle, but I feel like I accomplished this one for the most part, so I’m taking the win, dammit!
8. YES. I coached a number of athletes this past season despite not racing myself. I got two through their first 70.3’s and on through her first Olympic, which included completely crushing her goal time. I love coaching and helping others achieve their dreams and I hope I can do that for my athletes this season too. I do have openings for this year, so if you’re looking for a coach feel free to shoot me an email.

So, now that we’re staring down another new year, it’s time to consider my goals for this year.

1. Rebuild my swim bike run base
2. Run at least 500 miles
3. Cycle at least 1000 miles
4. Lose weight… again.
5. Finish Ironman Chattanooga
6. Nail this parenting thing
7. Figure out how to balance full time work, Ironman training, and parenting without self destructing

Seems doable. Sure.

I’ve put a lot of thought into what I want to get out of 2016. Right now I am deliriously exhausted and running on fumes, so my perception in quite clouded. A lot of people pick one word to use as a mantra of sorts for their year. My personal mantra has always been I Am Capable. And that will always guide me on a personal level.


But if we’re talking about one word to use to guide my year, the only word that currently describes me is survive. But to just survive isn’t how I want my year to go. Yes, right now as a new parent trying to figure out life I am very much in survival mode. Right now I am surviving. But to just survive this year feels awfully negative. And I know my year will consist of attempting to survive being a new parent, working full time, cramming in Ironman training, and trying to still have some semblance of a life too. I don’t want my year to be perceived as negative, so I can I take survival and make it positive? Make it more than just surviving?

After some careful thought I’ve decided that for me, 2016 is going to be about perseverance. More than just surviving, but doing so with heart, with dedication, with goals in mind. I want to persevere through the challenge of being a new parent, of working full time, of training for an Ironman, for having a fulfilling marriage and life. I don’t expect it to be easy and I don’t expect it to come with some sacrifices or some hard work. But I want work for my dreams, my goals, my ambitions. I don’t want to just survive, so I want to accomplish. I want to persevere. And that is how I am going to tackle 2016.


Did you reach your 2015 goal?
What one word do you hope will guide you through 2016?

5 Replies to “To Persevere Into A New Year”

  1. When you nail the parenting thing let me know, because I’m not sure I have the one down yet and my kids are 16 and 15. Lol
    Life and parenting- it’s all a big learning curve, you will be great at it!

    1. I’ll share all the secrets =P

      I won’t nail it, don’t worry, lol. I just hope I can raise a happy and healthy kiddo.

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