Playing Catch Up

Big sigh. It’s Wednesday. Half way there. 

I’m tired. I have been sleeping so poorly the last two weeks and it finally caught up to me. I ended up taking half a sick day Monday from work. Shark Week showed up and I was in a lot of pain, cramps, back seizing up, migraine. I was beyond functioning like a normal person. So I left work at lunch time and promptly crashed on the couch. I never nap, so the face that I slept for over an hour speaks volumes to my level of discomfort and exhaustion. And I would have kept sleeping if a certain 100lbs monster didn’t sit himself on my gut and cry loudly in my face. 

I’ve gone as far as to finally cave and buy myself some melatonin and it is a god send let me tell you. It’s been taking me as long as two hours to fall asleep at night only to be restless and wake up half a dozen times every night. But the last few nights I’ve been out within half an hour and only woken up two or three times a night. Much better. And melatonin is the naturally produced sleep hormone your brain [is supposed to] releases so there’s no sleep hang over the next day. 

And lack of sleep. That’s a big limiter. 

Granted, I’m still playing catch up. I immediately fell back asleep after my alarm went off this morning. So to try and make up for my missed run I came into work an hour early so I can leave by 4pm and try to run when I get home. 

Also, It’s about time for a new swim suit already. I feel like I just bought mine, but apparently from what I’m told they have about a six month life span with heavy training. And my straps decided not to do their job any more yesterday morning. Hello girls. That cut my swim about 200 meters short. Oops. I’ll be wearing a sports bra for my top until I can get myself a new one. 

And it looks like we may finally be seeing the end of winter soon. The ten day forecast calls for all 30’s and 40’s with the exception of a couple high 20’s days. But it looks like it will start to be consistently vaguely spring like soon, which is so exciting. I’m very sick of the gym and am pumped at the prospect of moving all my workouts outside. I do so much better outside. Yay spring!

Tips and tricks for a better night’s sleep?
What’s the first outdoor thing you’re going to do (or did) when the weather gets nice?

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  1. I like having a cup of chamomile tea in the evening with no sugar/honey/sweetner.
    I also try to “unplug” from my phone, Kindle, or computer at least an hour before bed.
    I also take melatonin most nights because my body likes to wake up around 90 minutes before my alarm like clockwork.

    As for the first outdoor thing I did when the weather got nice: run.

  2. I don’t let loss of sleep worry me…being 60 figure it’s just an old age thing. Yours may be from overwork/overtraining-it’s a symptom. And yes one usually catches up-and like the person above says…no screen time! I read instead. Find a really boring book! 🙂 Best of luck!
    I live in Arizona so have been training outside for….oh over 30 years! 🙂

  3. I have to take melatonin sometimes myself. I suffer from insomnia most nights. One thing I can say that is AWESOME is the Lavender Dreams tea from Teavana. I got some last year, and it is wonderful! It tastes really good (no sugar needed), and it really helps relax me.

  4. I’ve heard great things about melatonin, I am so glad it’s helping you. Sleep is so critical to physical and mental performance.

    I got out to do my long run this past weekend, I really hope the weather gets a bit warmer..I am itching to spend more time outside!

  5. If this isn’t typical for you. Your over training. Maybe you should take a extra rest day? See if you can’t get caught up? When I did this, I had to take a week off for a sudden trip. Slept like a baby the whole time. When I did get back to my schedule, I was fine. Haven’t had a problem since, its like my body just needed to play catch up.

    1. It’s not unheard of for me. I’ve never been a sound sleeper and I always take some time to actually fall asleep even once I’m in bed. I’ve always been one to toss through the night, just seems to be more pronounces lately. I thought about it possibly being overtraining, but I’m only two weeks in and my training has only increased by maybe two hours more than normal at this point, so I don’t really think it’s that.

      My husband is partially to blame this past week. He works for a college rec and fitness department and the kids are one spring break this week. He normally works until about 1130pm and I’m long since asleep when he gets home, but with the kids gone they’ve been closing at 7pm, so my bedtime has been creeping backwards all week. That should be resolved next week. Not that I don’t love the extra time with my hubby, but he definitely cramps my bedtime style, ha.

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