Post Baby Update

Oh hi.

I keep starting posts then not getting back to them fast enough, then I don’t finish them. Because wouldn’t you know it, having a newborn and a toddler is exhausting and time consuming. Go figure.

Things are going well. I’m closing in on 7 weeks postpartum at this point. Cora is a pretty chill baby, doesn’t cry much, sleeps well, and nurses slowly but surely. 

Baby smiles!

Ellie is doing well too. There’s some extra attention seeking happening, she’s not too thrilled to share her spotlight. That said, she loves the baby. She’s always trying to help, or play with her, or just be all over and around her. So that’s really wonderful. 

As for me, I’m doing well. It’s very tiring being home with two kids all day, but I also don’t miss work, so it’s good. 

I’ve reupped my PPD meds and started working out again. I’ve started running and renewed my Baby Boot Camp membership. The holidays have stalled my weight loss, so I still have work to do there, but once the holidays pass and we clean up our diet I suspect it should come off. 

I’m happy that as far as running goes I’ve picked up in a great spot. My first run I did 2.5 miles at a full minute per mile faster then I ended running on 12 weeks prior, and without walking. 

I have a deferred half marathon entry for November and I’m planning to do the Empire State Marathon in October again, so I have some things to work towards. 

I’m off work for a few more weeks so hopefully I can make some headway with my fitness before I have to figure out working, two kids, family, and training. Until then, I will enjoy getting back to running and baby snuggles! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your Post Baby Update and your adorable images of your little ones. Its not easy balancing 2 children and blog and activity for yourself.

    Any fun plans for the last few weeks before work?

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