Postpartum Ironman Training Plan

Look. Look at this. I got to workout. Sort of.

It’s been a long time since I could look down and see my feet!

I got cleared to walk at my appointment last week, so walking I am. Thank goodness we got a treadmill. I’ve walked on it a few times since I was told I could and my legs are so happy to be moving again.

I can feel all my muscles around my incision working while I’m walking, so I’m not going fast, or far, but I am on the treadmill moving and that’s a start. My legs and lungs feel great though, so hopefully I’ll get cleared to workout unrestricted at my six week appointment and can start running on my treadmill and get my bike trainer set up so I can start cycling, assuming my body feels ready by then.

And then, I start rebuilding my base. I’ll start Ironman training in March, six months out. But from January to March I am going to be doing some base building cram sessions.

It’s funny, because for three years I’ve thought about racing and finishing Ironman Chattanooga. It’s always been all about my desire to do it for myself. For me. To know that I can finish a 140+ mile race by the power of my own body and the will of my own mind. But now, things are a little different.


Now when I think about my Ironman finish, instead of thinking about myself, I think about how exciting it will be to cross that finish line and see my husband and my daughter waiting for me. That even though Ellie won’t be old enough to remember, someday she’ll be able to understand that with enough determination and hard work you can reach your goals. You can make your dreams come true. I still desperately want my Ironman finish, but now I want it for my Ellie, for my family, for what it stands for more than for myself.

I’m also trying to be realistic about it too though. I know my training abilities will be limited with a newborn. I can run and ride inside as much as I need to. Once Ellie is old enough and the weather is good in the spring I can run outside with the BOB. But I probably won’t get to ride outside much until I’m off school for the summer. And I don’t know what I’ll do about swimming. Hope hubby will be okay with me slinking off for an hour on the weekends but otherwise I don’t have many options. Training will get easier in the summer, but even then I can’t take off for hours and ditch the hubs with baby.

For Ironman 70.3 Syracuse I took on a less is more tactic for my training. My peak week topped out at only 10 hours and I still managed to finish sub-7 hours on one of Ironman’s most difficult 70.3 courses they offer. With that in mind, I’m planning a similar approach for my full training. This article talks about quality over quantity for Ironman training, which is what I’m hoping to do. It worked for me at Syracuse so I’d like to think it will work for me again for a full.  Now, granted, I will need to peak at more than 10 hours, obviously. But that said, I really think with the right workouts I can make this plan of attack stick.


I know it will be difficult to go from postpartum to Ironman in ten months. I know I will finish in the dark. I know I will have to make some sacrifices to achieve this. But this has been my dream for a number of years now. I want this. But now I also want it for my daughter, not just for  me. Funny how things change so fast.

I am ready to do this for me. For Ellie. To push myself. To prove that goals can be achieved no matter what. That dreams can come true, even if you have to dig extra deep to get there.

I am ready. 

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  1. Congratulations on walking!! It may not seem like much, but it is a start 🙂 With the support of your husband, you will have an amazing Ironman journey that will be forever etched into your memory…it will be AWESOME!!
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    1. Yeah, I won’t write an actual plan until I do some base building and know where I’m at, but I do know I don’t have any 20 hour weeks in my training future. Good luck at IMCDA! That’s a tough course.

    1. Yay to your first marathon!!!!! It’s September 25th, so kind of close. We could totally be virtual training buddies!

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