Powering Through The Week

Oh my gosh, you guys, my weekend was fabulous. You know why? Because I did nothing. NOTHING. Just me and the Husband hanging out together at home.


I’ll spare you what is bound to be a very boring weekly update. I spun 53 miles over two classes and one solo spin that was a Z2 warm up before a heavy lifting session. I also did one sprint interval session on my trainer that bought me another 13+ miles. I spent time focusing on lower body strength and stretching since I opted not to run all week and my legs are feeling better. Not perfect, but good. So that’s it, three days on a spin bike, one trainer session, and one heavy lifting session.

My goal is to run this week. Either tonight or Wednesday. I might swim tonight since the Monday evening Y pool schedule is more flexible than the Wednesday night schedule. But either way, I will run this week. It’s been 14 days since my last run where I reaggravated my calf tear and I’m chomping at the bit to run again. But I don’t want to jump the gun and keep aggravating that injury. So right now I’m going to feel out this week and play it by ear.

I’m thinking since I’m still recovering from an injury and my speed is trashed as it is, I might start a zone 2 heart rate training plan. It’s supposedly painfully slow for the first few weeks, but everyone seems to reap such amazing gains in their running if you’re willing to stick it out, so I think that’s where I’m at right now. It’ll force me not to overdo my running and hopefully rebuild it without reinjuring me. Gotta go slow to get fast, so that’s my plan that I’m going to start putting into place this week. Looks like I’ll be hitting the indoor track in order to make this happen. Not my favorite, but a necessary evil if I want to rebuild my running as quickly and efficiently as possible without reinjuring myself.

Did you catch above where I mentioned I rode my trainer? That’s right, I took a spinning hiatus and may be taking a pretty hard break from spinning. I got a new toy from my friends at all3sports recently that has me clamoring to get Finley on the trainer and I may be in love.


So I plugged one of my sprint interval workouts that I prescribed my athletes into my Garmin and hopped on. And I’ll be doing an FTP test on Tuesday so I can actually start training with power and work on seeing some gains in my cycling.

Also, the workout builder for GC and ultimately the workout mode on my new 920XT kick ass! I loved uploading my workout right to my watch and just following the directions it yelled out to me the whole time. Incredible. I truly believe all these new toys will refocus my trainer in a whole new way, make me train smarter and turn me into a better athlete. It motivated me to get back at it, which I need.

And don’t forget, you can get 15% off your complete order at all3sports.com with the code TRIGIRL15, so go buy something awesome!


Get back at it. I should be pulling the trigger on Ironman 70.3 Syracuse this month. It’s time, so yeah, just waiting for paychecks.

Who else trains with power? Favorite power based workout?

Best and worst workout of your week? 

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    1. Trying to be smart about it. Cycling is such a great workout and awesome cross training for other sports. I hope you’re enjoying it!

  1. I’m so sorry your calf is re-aggravated! My calf felt a little tight on Sunday and I was worried that I had re-injured as well. But I am mostly positive that it was just tired from running a bunch of hills on Saturday.
    Heather @ The Shoes Run 50 recently posted…DPHM Week 10My Profile

    1. Foam roll that suck if it’s tight! Reinjuring an old injury is such a pain in the butt.

  2. I train with power, but I think I need to upgrade to the new Garmin…the 310XT doesn’t “yell at me” if I don’t complete the workout correctly 😉 One of my favorite power workouts is going to come tonight…1 hour of the following:
    Warm up for 10 minutes.
    Then do the following:
    3×3 min Z4 (with 2 min recovery between)
    Spin 4 minutes
    3×2 min Z4-5 (with 90 sec recovery between)
    Spin 4 minutes
    3×1 min Z5 (with 60 sec recovery between)
    Spin 4 minutes
    4×30 sec sprint (with 30 sec recovery between)
    Cool down the rest of the time.
    Kecia recently posted…25 Weeks ’til Ironman BoulderMy Profile

    1. Yeah, the workout builder in Garmin Connect is fantastic. I built my whole interval workout, transferred it to my watch and just hit “do workout” and it would beep, vibrate, and show me the instructions for what I should be doing. It told me which number interval I was on, it was great! You should definitely upgrade!

      Thanks for the workout! I’m going to do my FTP test tomorrow so I can set up my power zones. Then I will go ahead and upload this right to my watch =)

  3. So jealous of your Power Tap! Can’t wait to hear what you think of training with power!
    My best workout of the week was keeping up with some strong cyclists on a 30 mile ride. Even with winds of over 20 mph, we averaged 16 mph (that’s super speedy for me). My worst was the run that was supposed to be an 8 mile run. I called it quits after 2.5 miles, turned off my watch, and walked for a bit to enjoy the sunshine. Just didn’t have the mental energy to convince my legs to get going…
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    1. Great job on the ride! Riding with people faster than you is the faster way to get speedier!

    1. Yeah, my HR has never been the most reliable source of effort or efficiency for me. I’m super excited to start using power. Thanks =)

    1. Here’s the instructions I just sent to one of my athletes- If you go to the Garmin Connect website you can build them then upload them. Scroll down on your dashboard to the part that says “Training Plans” on the left and you’ll see the word “workouts” with a plus sign next to it. If you click the plus sign it’ll open the workout builder. You can create running and cycling workouts, then when you’re done just save it and transfer it to the watch. Mine doesn’t seem to want to upload wirelessly for whatever reason, but if I plug it in they come right up in my watch. To find it in your watch go to “training” then “my workouts” and it will be there. I tried it out last night and it was really awesome. I did a trainer workout with it and it made it super simple. Once they’re on your watch they stay there, so you only have to add things the one time.

      Have fun!

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