Pre-Winter Workout Blues

My goodness. What a week. At least my new blog design is pretty, right? I’m not sure how I ended up with the green at the start, but all my gear is basically black and hot pink, so I felt I should make my blog match my gear. 

Last week was a struggle. My dismal excuse of Tuesday spinning was my only workout all week. You can insert my shame here. Saturday Rob and I did get out for a 3.3-ish mile run, the loop around our neighbourhood. We managed a good pace, pretty typical one at that, but I was still sucking wind by the end. One week off and I suffer, yuck. 

The weekend was fun for the most part. We had people over for Rob’s big 30th birthday Saturday night. We tried a new restaurant in town and may have drank and ate a bit more than we should have over the course of the night. But, birthday, right?

Today I’m finally working on getting back into my usual swing of life. I groaned a lot when my alarm went off this morning. Its tough getting up from my cozy warm bed when it’s only 30 some odd degrees out and pitch black. And the weather, let’s talk about that. I love fall, love it. But it’s still technically summer. I was all comfy in my fuzzy Under Armour cold weather gear for my run this morning, but I saw the kitchen weather bug thing that said it was only 36 degrees out and I wimped out. I don’t do well running under 40degrees. So I changed and headed to the gym. I’m very not ready to be confined to the gym all winter yet. Thankfully tomorrow is the last cold morning for a while by the looks of it, but weather it so fickle. Getting up in the dark and cold is so difficult. And it’s to the point where it’s dark out at 6:20 when I hit the pavement to start my run too. It’s one thing to rise in the dark, it’s another to actually workout in the dark. *Angry fist shake at winter like weather*

Tonight I’m signed up for spinning. I’m in a fight with my brain about what to do about it. I should go and want to go, but I have a lot of grad work to do and my work schedule is pretty busy, so getting it done at work like I usually do is kind of out of the question. Which means I actually have to do homework at home. Imagine that. But also, I have a two day-all day training on Thursday and Friday out in Rochester, which means no workouts and horrible conference food. So I really need to go so I feel like I’m pre-emptively fighting the later half of my week. 

Working full time, grad school, and triathlon training don’t always play nice together. I’ll be happy when grad school gets removed from the equation in a few months. Especially since my work schedule is picking up for the next two months, which I am not pleased about.  

It also looks as though we will be running another 5k in October, so that’s good. I’d like to run one for a PR and since I’ll be running with my dad at the camp 5K, I won’t be getting one there. So two 5k’s and a half marathon for October? I’m cool with that. Just because race season in NY is nearing it’s end, does not mean there are not races to be run all winter. Race on my friends!

What is your final race goal before your season “ends” for the winter? Will you run any races during the cold months?

2 Replies to “Pre-Winter Workout Blues”

  1. I love the new blog design! It always felt like half marathon training took over my life – I can’t imagine how it feels for triathloning. You are a rockstar!

  2. I love how you’re sad that your big race season is over, and I’m freaking out over all the races I have coming up! You should totally sign up for some Christmas themed races in December, they’re so much fun! I also do a 5k on Thanksgiving morning so that I can eat extra pie 🙂

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