A Pregnancy Impeded Weekly Recap

Another week down. I can’t decide if doing weekly check in’s is making me sad or not, since it’s making me look at my summer break, ticking away before my eyes. I still a few off, but the end is drawing near. Sadness.


My week was relatively hit and miss this week. I had a horrible resurgence of morning sickness this week that knocked me off my feet for a few days.

Monday I hit the pool for some variably paced 100’s and did 1400 yards at an average pace of 1:56/100, which felt good too. I still skimming through the water pretty well given the extra weight and drag that I have lugging me down.


Tuesday I wasn’t feeling great, but I went to spinning anyways. I gave Ellen the heads up that I wasn’t feeling well and hide myself in the back. I had a hard time getting into class and skipped a lot of movements in lieu of just spinning my legs to my own rhythm. Ellen didn’t mind and I still managed to stay for the full hour, so I’ll call it a win.

Wednesday I woke up feeling better. I still wasn’t 100% but I felt like I was okay enough to lace up and head out for a run in the morning. I did 1.03 miles and did the mile in 12:05, so I seemed to be cruising all things considered. I ended the run at an 11:59 average pace. I will take that right now.

And from there I completely fell apart. Sickness began to settle in and I was feeling completely exhausted, queasy, and just straight up awful. I skipped spinning on Thursday and felt so yucky that at 10 o’clock at night I made Rob go out to Wegmans and get me Fresca because I had been dry heaving and retching the better part of the day. Whoever said second trimester gets better is such a freaking liar.

This is what I wake up to when I nap too close to Griswold’s dinner time. Cranky, but cuddly, dog face.

I did not work out Friday either. I was still feeling pretty sick and just didn’t have anything in me to pull from. I was supposed to register for the OWS race the following morning, but I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I had no idea if I’d be able to swim or not given how terrible I had been feeling.

I went to bed earlier than I have been Friday and slept straight through the entire race time for the OWS Saturday morning. I wish I had raced, but obviously my body had other plans. After sleeping a few hours more than usual I was trying to decide if I was feeling better or not. So I figured the best way to find was to head outside for a run.

I did a slightly different loop that was longer and stopped at 1.25 miles even though I wasn’t home yet and felt like I could have kept going. Given I had felt sick for a few days and haven’t run too much I was leery of adding too much distance too quickly, so I turned around a different spot than planned and walked the last few house home.

Ellie in the Belly likes working out. She always kicks for the first few minutes then gets lulled to sleep. It’s nice when she sleeps, having a small parasite thrashing around inside of me makes workouts a little more difficult.

No workout Sunday. My parents came over to see Ellie’s nursery and our new windows. Oh, yes, we did finally get new windows, mostly. The window installed is back today to replace the double windows in the dining room with a sliding glass door and then again on Tuesday to do all the flashings on the outside. But man, what a difference new, energy efficient windows make! Now if we could just get our contractor to give us a start date for our bathroom and kitchen we’d actually be happy.

This week I’m hoping to get back to my usual Monday/Wednesday swim, Tuesday/Thursday spin and at least two runs shoved in there somewhere. I’m registered for a 5k in September, so I need to keep on plodding along.

What was your best and worst workout this week?

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  1. I always thought I’d be a cute little skinny pregnant runner. Instead I was hit with crazy morning sickness for 7 months and puffed up till I looked like an Easter egg when I wore pastel colors. I look back and I think it was my body telling me early on that from now on this baby comes first.
    Great job getting those workouts in. I really hope your morning sickness fades because that’s no fun at all.
    Amy recently posted…Ironman Lake Placid 2015 in the books – Race ReportMy Profile

    1. I put on more weight in my first trimester trying to keep my morning sickness at bay than I should have, so I totally empathize, I puffed up pretty good at this point. Baby does come first, you’re right. Just need to keep listening to my body.

  2. Having never been pregnant, I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. I know you feel like summer is ticking by and you haven’t been doing much, but I am seriously impressed with your ability to keep working out when every other day is a mess of nausea and morning sickness. You are doing a great job! Don’t be too hard on yourself!

    Best workout of the week was a 7 mile run on Saturday. The weather was a bit cooler than usual and the entire run felt so easy and so relaxed! Worst was a 4 mile run on Wednesday. It was my shortest/easiest run of the week but my legs were completely shredded from Tuesday’s run. I spent every second of the run just wishing I could quit.
    Heather recently posted…Sister fun & an accidental PRMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement =)

      Sorry you had such a crummy 4 miler, but great job muscling through!

    1. Good for you for powering through! I subbed out my swim for a run today because I’m so exhausted today, the thought of trying to get my swim breathing under control was too daunting.

  3. I’ve heard that pregnancy has people up and down, so I hope this week is a high for you! I only had one workout last week and that was a 40 mile bike ride…I guess that is a good thing since I’m suppose to be recovering, but I’m ready to get back to some more consistent training 😉
    Kecia recently posted…Ironman Boulder Race Report: I did it again!My Profile

    1. Girl, you need to park your booty on the couch with your Ironman Boulder medal and just revel in your own awesomeness! Good job on the ride anyways, though =P Now go drink a beer, eat some pizza, and enjoy some down time!

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