Product Review- HoneyBelle Fit BodyBuffer

As some of you know, I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador through Fit Approach. About two months ago Fit Approach reached out to their SPA triathletes offering to speak with someone from BelleCore LLC. 

BelleCore got their start making BodyBuffers that were originally intended to be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite. But then, they discovered race expos. They started taking their bodybuffers to major race expos like Boston Marathon and NYC Marathon. And last year they made another leap by showing up to their first IRONMAN expo. They’ve been welcomed with open arms into the racing community and they have an awesome new BodyBuffer made just for athletes.

So I spoke back and forth with BelleCore and they ended up sending me a HoneyBelle Fit BodyBuffer. 

I had no idea what to expect, honestly. 

Oh, that! The buffer was bigger than I had anticipated. 

The box unpacked includes the buffer, obviously, an extra buffer pad, the instruction, a nice mesh bag to store everything in, and some soothing lotion to put on afterwards. 

I immediately went out for a short run then came back to use my new buffer. Oh.My.Gosh. Heaven on my muscles. It’s super soothing. 

I keep getting talked into reviews that require me to take pictures of my bare, pasty legs. Sorry everyone. At least my toenails are painted.

And I’ve been using it regularly post workout. Their website suggests using it preworkout to warm up your muscles as well as after a workout, but I workout at 6am and I try to take as little time in the morning as possible. I’m out of bed and in the gym within 20 minutes and I’m resistant to change, ha. So I use it post workout and I’m very pleased with it. My IT band has been tight lately and this helps to loosen it up and is a lot less painful than my foam roller. 

On their website they state that the HoneyBelle Fit BodyBuffer to be a “powerful muscle massager that helps athletes to quickly dissipate the intra-muscular build up of metabolic waste thus speeding recovery and enhancing performance.” 

Overall, I’m very pleased with my HoneyBelle Fit BodyBuffer. It’s very nice on sore or fatigued muscles and the lotion is super nice for hydrating my skin. Especially during this extra cold winter we’ve been having. I give it a thumbs up.

You can buy your own HoneyBelle Fit BodyBuffer or other BelleCore LLC Body Buffers here! Definitely check them out!

I received a HoneyBelle Fit BodyBuffer from BelleCore LLC for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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