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As some of you may know, I happen to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador through Fit Approach. I love being apart of such an awesome community. 

Fit Approach often times offers us Ambassadors some opportunities, and a few weeks ago I was checking my email when one from them dropped into my inbox. And was about food. Check, yes please!

I love oatmeal, but I’m never totally satisfied with the prepackaged little oatmeal pouches that come in a box from the grocery store cereal aisle. 

Enter-! Custom blended healthy oatmeal made by hand, every time, just for me!

A little information on 

  • Every pack of oatmeal is custom made, by hand, every single time
  • There’s FIVE different kinds of oats to pick from! Including quick roll, steel cut, 5 grain, and gluten free
  • Organic everything
  • The flavors, oh the flavors! Sooooo many to pick from
  • Fruits, nuts, seed, cane sugar; you name it, they’ll add it
  • You can set it up to be delivered on a regular schedule! How cool is that??
  • They also offer PB Lean, a dehydrated peanut butter that is super healthy and comes in tons of crazy flavors or you can make you own PB Lean flavor
  • Oatmeal of the month club- you get a custom bag every month and for every subscription they get they donate 11+ servings of oatmeal to hungry children in US
  • Awesome preblended seasonal oatmeals or the option to create your own seasonal blend
  • Mystery blend! They take the left overs from custom blends, mix them together and pack them up for a mysteriously delicious and healthy treat

I got myself two of 2.25lbs bags and one 1lbs mystery bag. My oatmeal showed up in the mail right before coming home for my lunch break the other day, so I tore right in and made a bowl for lunch.

This required an oversized bowl for sure
I accidentally screwed up ordering and got two big bags of the same blend. I wish I had cleared my cart completely and started over to get two different bags. But, my flavor is super yummy, so I’m not upset. 

The bags are filled to the brim! Even after taking a full cups worth out I could barely close the bag it was so full

My custom blend is comprised of butter pecan, cinnamon roll, and maple flavors. It has ground flax seed, pecans, and almonds in it as well as brown sugar cane to sweeten it up. 
I used a bit less water than it called for- I used 1 part oatmeal to 1.5 parts water. Four minutes in the microwave and it came out perfect!
They provide all the nutritional information too, which I love. 

Oh.My.Gosh. Can you say AMAZING!? 

My understanding of oatmeal is forever changed. Screw that crap that comes from the grocery store cereal aisle. This stuff is delicious! This has revolutionized my view on oatmeal. 

Ain’t no selfie like an oatmeal selfie!

And now you might ask, how much might over 5lbs of scrumptious, organic, hand blended oatmeal run me? It must be expensive, yes? NO! I got all this oatmeal for less than $22! And there’s over 25 servings per 2.25lbs bag. I have like 70+ servings of oatmeal! You do the math, considering those dumb boxes of oatmeal packages only have 8 packs in a box for what, $4??? Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

The customer service is good too. A bit slow, but considering the company CEO and Founder is the one mixing your oatmeal, he’s not exactly attached to his phone or email. I called to have my mystery bag thrown in after I had already placed my order. It took them about two days to get back to me, but that’s honestly the least of my worries. 

Basically, is a delicious, healthy, nutritious, awesome deal of oatmeal-y goodness. And I plan to be a loyal, regular customer for life!

I was provided this opportunity as a Sweat Pink Ambassador through Fit Approach and I received all my oatmeal samples compliments of for the intention of this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

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  1. Wow, such a cool idea, I love oatmeal but not the stuff premade in packages. I am going to check them out, they sound like not only a great company but a great product! Thanks for sharing!

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