Product Review & Give Away – WIN Detergent

***This post was sponsored in part by Fit Approach via my Sweat Pink ambassadorship and WIN Detergent. I did receive my two bottles of WIN detergent for the purpose of this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own***

I’m going to go out on a limb here and just assume that everyone reading this owns at least one piece of tech wick clothing. Personally, I own a metric buttload of tech wick. Yes, that is a unit of measurement. But really, almost all of my workout gear is tech wick and my usual day to day wardrobe is tech race shirts. I can’t even make that up, if given the opportunity I don’t know if I’d wear anything other than tech wick.

But tech gear gets stinky. And the weird thing about it is that stink goes away when it’s washed, then about five minutes after putting clean tech wick on, the smell comes back. It has like perma-stank infused into the fiber after a few wears and no amount of time in the washer seems to make that phenomenon stop. So when the opportunity to try out WIN Detergent came up, I jumped!


They even sent me two bottles! The regular high performance sports detergent, and the green, earth friendly version. These showed up after Hubs and I ran over 8 miles together and we both were nice and ripe. So we both stripped and tossed everything right into the washer.


I will say, everything smelled very nice once it came out of the dryer a couple of hours later. My race shirts that I wear as a day to day wear has seemingly shaken it’s perma-stink. My workout gear smelled a bit into my first workout after washing it with WIN. But the more and more I wash with WIN, the more that fades and I’m thinking I just have years of training and racing stank to work out of those fibers.

And the best part here? WIN is offering a coupon for purchasing your own  bottles as well as the chance to win two full sized bottles! You can use coupon code WINGIVE1 to get a $1 off your own purchase or you can enter the rafflercopter giveaway below for your chance to win a bottle of the regular sports wash AND the green sports wash.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The give away ends on November 11, so make sure you come back everyday to enter again to WIN!

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  1. I’m gonna have to try this stuff out. I hate how some of my workout clothes seem to have a perma-stink to them. I don’t know if they actually do or if it’s just my nose. My husband says I don’t stink, but I feel like I smell funky in my workout clothes (pre or post-workout).
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  2. Ha! Perma stank! I love it! I recently learned how to wash my workout clothes and it works quite well with the newer items.. the older ones seem to be stuck with that perma stank. I use white vinegar, a little baking soda and a little powder detergent. No softener. And I also heard not to dry them because it’ll sort of bake whatever’s left into the fabric. I’d love to try some Win on those older items to see if it’ll help!
    My favorite piece of tech wear is my warm running shirt with neck warmer and thumb holes.
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  3. I love my Saucony Luxe shorts – I own 5 pairs! They never chafe and there’s a zippered pocket in the back so I’m not patting my pocket every 3 seconds to make sure my keys are still there lol

  4. I own A LOT, so it’s difficult to choose a favorite. Right now I think it would be my lucy yoga pants

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