Pumpkin Cider Dreams

Holy hell, what a week!

The spider incident really started my whole week off horribly. And now it’s nearing the end of the week and I cannot wait. I have a three day weekend and hubby has Monday and Tuesday on reduced hours, so we’ll actually see each other both days. Imagine that, only two days without seeing each other next week. It’ll basically be a miracle. And plus also, I need that extra day. Granted I’ll probably go to school and work, but I plan to get an extra day to sleep in then work out at my leisure instead of hatefully cramming it in in the evenings.

Evening workouts suck, by the way.

Harpoon Pumpkin Cider
Pumpkin cider, however, does not suck. In fact, it’s beyond delicious. Best way to end a craptastic day.

I ran 2.5 miles Tuesday evening. Our internet was out all day Tuesday though, so I didn’t get my data uploaded yet, so no real stats to share other than it felt difficult. Ugh. Ughughugh. Probably because I ate mac and cheese before going out to run. Oops.

Empire State Half Marathon is just about two weeks out and Hubs and I are planning to attempt an 8 miler this weekend. I’m really hoping I can manage that. I really need a good long run to boost my confidence for this race.

I had some pain after our 5k this past weekend. And it’s funny because I had a bit in my right leg, my injured leg. I had more in my left leg, which was confusing and annoying. Then I go to PT for the first time in like 3 weeks today and during an eval my PT finds a slight strain in my left calf too. Well, I know where that came from. Double gimp legged now. Thankfully the left one is minimal and he said a couple days of ice, stretching, and strengthening and that should fix itself right up. Not like my right leg, which left me barely able to stand or walk for three days. And over two months later and it’s still not healed.

Guess I’ll just drink more pumpkin cider.

I have another run on the docket for today. Fingers crossed it goes well for me.

Favorite fall drink- go!

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  1. I was going to guess that the left calf strain was from over-compensating for your right leg. No fun either way. I’m still sending good healing vibes your way. Injuries, especially ones that don’t seem to heal up, are super frustrating. *hugs*

    I LOVE pumpkin beer. I’m going to have to try that pumpkin cider. I love just about all ciders, so that pumpkin one sounds right up my alley.
    The Famous Mudder recently posted…Weekly RecapMy Profile

    1. Overcompensation was my first thought too. Same reason I threw my knee last fall. Dumb body.

  2. Mmm, pumpkin beer is one of my favs but I’ve never had cider before! Will definitely have to try. Hope your calves heal up quickly – it took 3 PT appointments a week for 2 weeks to get my right one better by my HIM. Although I still had to hobble most of the 13.1, it didn’t feel too bad afterwards. Does your PT do ASTYM therapy? I swear that stuff is a miracle cure!
    Rebecca@tri-ingthebestican recently posted…1 Year Blogiversary!My Profile

    1. I hope you can find it! Harpoon is a pretty big brand. Not sure if it’s a north east thing or not, but it’s definitely worth looking around for.

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