Funny How Life Goes On

I chronicled the ins and outs of almost 18 months of wedding planning, but never gave a recap on the Wedding on the Lake blog. The day went perfectly. The sun was shining, my handsome husband was smiling from ear to ear when I walked down the aisle perfectly made up, and everything ran smoothly. Except the cake. I won’t go into excruciating detail on the horrid phone call I had with our baker in the hours leading up to the ceremony, but it ended with her giving me attitude, me calling her out on her unprofessionalism and inability to follow through, her hanging up on me, me crying, and the coordinator trying to send someone to Wegmans to rectify a mistake on her end. But in the end she (most likely very angrily and begrudgingly) pulled through. 

As surreal as a lot of getting engaged, going through the planning process, and getting married actually is, there’s this weird feeling that happens when it’s all over. You spend a year and a half of your life immersed in planning and looking things up, meeting with vendors, scrutinizing details, and investing all your time (and money) into this thing, this one day. And in six mere and short hours later it’s over. Poof. Done. All that time, energy, money, focus, it’s over. It’s very surreal and strange. And your first day back to work post wedding and honeymoon you stare at your computer and think “what did I fill my time with prior to pouring over wedding blogs and vendor website?” And two months later I sometimes still ask myself that. 
To help ease the “wedding blues” as they are sometimes called, I turned to the one things I’ve always enjoy- being an athlete. Last year I ran my first triathlon, the Iron Girl Syracuse. It’s a 600 meter swim, an 18.6 mile bike, and a 5k run. It was exhilarating. And since coming back from our honeymoon, I’ve gone into race readiness overdrive. I have an ambitious line up this year including two sprint triathlons, one Olympic triathlon, currently two 5k’s, one 10k, and one half marathon. And all between July and October. 
The first race I had this season was the first, and shortest, of my three tris. Rob and I ran the Musselman Mini Mussel together. It was his first tri that a week prior he insisted he couldn’t do after a bad swim. But we crossed the finish line hand in hand at 2:17:03 and I’ve never been more proud of him (that may not be true, he’s pretty amazing).
We also completed the first 5k on the docket together this past Saturday, clocking in around 28:23-ish. That’s be my watch, the mass start time versus individual finish times always make me a bit leary. I started my watch as we crossed the start line, about 20 or so seconds after the race clock started, which logged our “official” time. It would have been considerably faster had the first 1.25-ish miles not been a horribly treacherous hill. 
This Sunday is the Iron Girl. I’m going to some workshops Friday night, because it’s about time I learned to change my own bike tire I guess. But I’ll still always be scared of the tube exploding. Not a fun experience. Twice. Saturday I’ll go pick up my race packet and rack my bike, which is currently at the bike shop waiting to be picked up from her tune up today. Then Sunday is race day. I have a lofty goal of sub-2 hours and I think I can do it. I just need to shave a bit of time off transition, namely T-1 (properly adjust helmet before putting it on during the race), and just cut a few minutes of the bike and run and I’ll make it. 
I’m off to spinning tonight, which is much needed!
But anyways, that’s been my life in a nutshell over the last two months since the wedding. And here is a link to the teaser album for our professional pictures – clicky!