Quiet Courage

Hi. Hey. Hello. Whew.

Why the heck am I always so tired and stressed? I blame my lack of workouts, namely morning workouts. Unless I want to get up at 4am I don’t morning workouts are no longer an option for me. My days are always significantly better when started with a workout. My energy, my mood, my stress levels, my food, it’s all better. Trying to workout after being on my feet for ten hours a day is like a freaking chore and I hate it. Evening runs are the pits.

School is going alright. My first observed lesson didn’t go entirely as I planned and I’m kicking myself over it. Like really, I’m super frustrated about a last minute lesson change that came back to bite me. I had finally started feeling good and comfortable and like I was fitting into my new job. And now I’m pulling back into my shell a little.

I was going to swim last night, but more ipod woes. My shuffle is being finicky and frankly if I’m going to put off my bedtime in order to swim, I want my waterproof music dammit. So that’s plugged in working itself out and I do not get to enjoy the sweet solace that comes with swimming.


Today I do have to run after work though. And that means I need to figure out an outfit that allows me to wear sneakers some how, because my black work sneakers are limping along and my shins and achilles can tell when I try to run after being in them for ten or eleven hours. I ran one mile on Tuesday. One. Just one. It was uncomfortable and the common denominator between my runs where I have pain is my black work shoes. So after I get paid again next time I’ll need to buy some new ones.

And speaking of money, you know what else is bullshit? Money. Bills. Bills that show up in your mailbox that you had explicitly asked the girl with hooker makeup at the desk if your insurance would cover the entire cost, to which she replies yes. Then two months later you get a whomping bills in the bill. For an incorrectly done medical procedure to boot. To say I was livid when it showed up was an understatement. And I’ve had every intention of walking in there and duking it out with my Mr. TakeAnAspirinAndComeBackInAWeekIfYou’reNotDead Doctor. Except he has office hours 8am to 4pm. I’m long since at work by 8am and if I even leave school by 4pm it’s basically a miracle. So in the three weeks since the bill showed up it’s just sat on my side table and made me angry. I don’t care that I haven’t paid it yet. Bone and Joint Center in Geneva NY sucks and I’m in no rush to empty my bank account onto their desk top. They don’t deserve a dime more from me than what they already got. They can go shove it.

I just feel like I need a break. From everything.

Happy Thursday. The weekend is so close. So close.

Share some tips for learning to love evening runs, because I seriously hate them


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  1. It’s hard to change your routine. Afternoon/evening runs take some getting used to. It took me a while and some super slow painful runs to get my body used to running in the evenings compared to the morning. I would say start small. Make a good effort to at least do 1, maybe 2, evening runs a week for now. The more you do them, the more comfortable you’ll get with them. As you get used to them, you can slowly ramp up to the number of runs you need a week.

    And definitely get better work shoes so your body/feet won’t be as beat at the end of the day. It’s amazing what good shoes can do for your body.
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  2. I do all of my weekday running after work. I once tried running before work and every single day I just ended up sleeping instead and running after work. Which sucked because I had shifted my work schedule to later in the day to accommodate my morning runs, so my evening runs were even later than usual.

    If I am terribly exhausted from work, when I get home I change into my running clothes and then allow myself a 30 minute nap. When I wake up, I’m already dressed so I just head out the door and get it done.
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