Race Recap – Barktober Fest Canine 5K

One more race in the books. Two more to go this season. 

Saturday was the inaugural Geneva Bark Park Barktober Festival. It included a 5k race that you could run with or without your furry friend. The festival was to raise money to build a new dog park and I totally support that. Griswold loves himself some doggie park play time. 

We chose to run without Griswold. He doesn’t know how to pace himself on a lap around the block much less a 3 mile run, so our buddy was left home and we signed up for the “without dog” wave. 

The race was good, but you can tell the idea was a quick toss together. Official time was kept on a iphone, the starting line was a narrow section of path in the park, and there were no aid stations. Whoever was supposed to have the water table out after the race clearly forgot to show up too. Thank goodness Wegmans always comes to the rescue. 

We watched three waves of kids races go off first. Always adorable. Then it was the without dogs wave for a ten minute head start on the with dogs wave. By the time the actual runs got started, the rain that had began not long before leaving the house had begun to taper off, so that was good. 

We started up in the head of the pack. Not being the fastest combined with the run being done on narrow park paths, this proved difficult. But we managed to let some people pass us and also passed others as well. The race course was a half loop, half out and back. Really I guess it was a giant loop with a sharp switchback at one point. I feel like the route could have been made a bit more user friendly. The out and back half was on the service road, so nice and wide. Much better for a race than the paths. Maybe next year they’ll adjust the course a bit. But it was flat and fast and overall a nice run. 

My only other big complaint I guess is that it was further than 5k. I get a bit cranky when races do this, especially since there was no course info provided before hand. The course ended up being a full quarter mile longer than a real 5K. So, I’ll go ahead and give you this- my 5k time was a PR at 26:16. My actual race time was 28:10. So my awesome PR is overshadowed by the course not being the correct length. And considering the out and back part could have just been moved up a smidge to make it the right length is what really irritates me. But, the race was small and I ended up placing 5th overall for the women and 1st in my age group. 

I guess I should back up a bit and say that I enjoyed this race. The course was flat and fast, there were tons of cute doggies to pet, live music, free water and organic fruit leathers from Wegmans. And it was right down the street from our house supporting our community development. My post sounds kind of negative though, but really it wasn’t. It was a good experience and fun time. And even though Griswold didn’t participate, they still agreed to give us a doggie race bandanna for our buddy. 

So that’s that on that. Next up is the Camp Talooli 5k which I’m looking forward to. I should be infinitely faster than last year when I ran it. I love trail running and I love Camp, so it doesn’t get much better than that! 

So, what’s you race pet peeve? What’s left on your race schedule before the end of the season?

3 Replies to “Race Recap – Barktober Fest Canine 5K”

  1. Sounds fun! Only one of my three dogs would be good to bring to an event like this, but if I take only one, the other two whine the whole time he’s gone. No doggie races for us.
    Biggest pet peeve: walkers lining up at the front of the pack. I’m a huge fan of guarded/enforced corrals.

  2. Aww I’m glad they gave Griswold a bandana, he looks dashing in it! We haven’t done a dog race, our pup doesn’t run, but we did do Barktober fest (the dogs can’t run during the 5 mile race) and we brought Bernie with us.

  3. Awww we have a Walk for the Animals here in march, but it’s only 1.25 mi and it’s doggie friendly and approved :p We bring Belle to that one every year. I have no clue if she could make it through the 3.1 mi though, especially not in the heat in FL! 🙂 Glad you had a good run, sorry that they were jerks about the course info!

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