Race Recap: BASE Race 5k 2017

I’ve run a lot of 5k’s over the years. A lot of them. Some hard, some easy, some PR’s, some not.

I’ve run the BASE Race three times now that I got this year under my belt. Twice I’ve done the 5k and once the 10k. It’s a difficult race, but I really fun one, weaving through historic Cooperstown NY, home of the Baseball Hall Of Fame. The race course for the 5k has been different, to some extent, both times I’ve run it. And I say this as an important aside because this was by far the most difficult 5k I have ever run. And it had zero to do with being pregnant and literally everything to do with the hills. I knew there were hills, there always  are. It’s fine, I do alright on hills. But these hills. These hills meant business.

We got to Cooperstown Friday night. It’s such a sweet, quaint little town. We’ve been there a bunch of times and it’s always wonderful. Not my best night’s sleep, but I got enough.

Saturday morning we headed out of our hotel room early and grabbed a lite breakfast, then met up with our friends Matt, Carrie, and Matt’s uncle Steve who were also running.

Carrie and I hung together towards the back, both being a bit on the slower end at this point. We joked around a bit before the horn sounded us off and then we took off. I tried to pace off of her, but she took off like a bat out of hell and was charging too fast for me to maintain her pace, but I stayed at her heels for bit, caught up to her, and as she slowed I eventually passed her around the three quarter mile mark.

Taking off at the start. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Buy the pictures. I know.

Up to this point it had been relatively hill free and I clocked my first mile at 10:11. A bit fasted then I’ve been running on my own, but I was glad for a bit of a time buffer because I knew at some point I’d encounter hills. And as I rounded a sharp corner at the mile marker I met with what appeared to be an endless climb. I just hinged forward a bit, grit my teeth, and buckled in, prepared to run the whole thing. Oh so I hoped.

Cruising, trying to keep up with Carrie (in the white in front of me) before hitting our first, and biggest hill of the course.

My watch finally yelled at me. I looked down and saw my heart rate was 185bpm. Normally I’d be all IDGAF, especially since I was sooooooooo close to the top of this monster hill, but pregnant me slowed to a walk.

As I crested the hill, my heart rate had  dropped back down so I picked up running again. I was passed by the 10k leader just before I started walking too. Pfft, show off.

Mile two came in at 11:20. Damn hill.

At this point the terrain continued to roll and twice more my HRM caught me at 185bpm and slowed me to a walk. Frustrating, but I need to be conscious of it while pregnant. The third walk break caught up to me too. I’m not one to slow or stop because it leaves the opportunity for cramping open. My legs didn’t cramp per say, the but the hills and a mediocre nights sleep caused me to feel heavy and my legs to feel toasted. So I extended my walk break a bit. I was tired. And right as I started to run again Carrie caught up to me. She must have fared better on the hills to have caught me with about half a mile or so left. We chatted for a bit while running together, commiserated on being hot and tired, then Carrie got a side stitch and waved me on without her.

Mile three came in at an awful 11:36mph. H’oh well.

After my watch hit the three mile mark I took off. The finish line was near and even though my watch, or the course, was going to run long over the 3.1 mile distance, I intended to finish strong.

Definitely one of my worst finishers photos ever. Too tired to care about hamming for the cameras.

I barreled through the finish chute, clocking the last .24 miles at an 8:49/mile pace. And I was spent.

Final finish time- 35:12

I had hopped to be around 30 minute mark as a super improbable goal, the 33 minute mark as a realistic goal, and 3 minutes as a don’t die goal. I didn’t die, so yup.

Normally I have H snap some pictures for me, but alas, I did not. The group of us who ran stood around talking about the hills for bit before breaking for showers, intending to meet back up for lunch later. H and Ellie were troopers to hang and watch for me. I seriously love them.

I’m planning to find myself a FLAT 5k for this month and hope to have a less hilly race that will burn out my legs. And hopefully I can be a bit faster before pregnancy slows me down.

I really like the BASE Race and would be happy to run it again in the future. It’s a lovely little race through a historic town. And it has some oomph to it. No complaints!


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