Race Recap – Cooperstown BASE Race 10k

So Rob and I took off for a nice little weekend get away. It was so nice to go somewhere just us and have some quality time spent together. We went to the Herkimer Diamond Mines, The Baseball Hall of Fame, had a dinner date on the water, went to a po-dunk parking lot traveling carnival and played cheesey games (Rob won me a stuffed banana. Griz will love destroying it). Sometimes you just need a weekend away to have some good times with your loved ones, and Hubs and I really needed this. 

Sunday morning we got up bright and early for a 10k race on the back roads of Cooperstown. It was a hilly race, we drove the route a few times the evening before though so we wouldn’t be surprised by any of them. We had looked up the elevation prior, but actually seeing the hills in person helped. 

This was our first 10k, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. It was also a lot smaller than we had expected. There was only about 80 or so people running the 10k and about 100 running the 5k. It was my least favorite type of timing too, mass start to an individual chip finish. I hate mass starts since I tend to hoover towards the back and never get running right away when the gun goes off, so it tends to effect my final time. 

It was a beautiful run. We had perfect weather, sunny with a clouds, high 50’s, low 60’s with no humidity and a bit of a breeze. It doesn’t get any better than that. It felt like we were in the back of the pack the whole race, but it was okay. We weren’t out to win anything and we got to enjoy the gorgeous rolling hills of New York. Some people have no idea how pretty the middle part of the state  of New York is, but really, it’s so pretty. Too bad the taxes are cripplingly high. 

We did manage to pass a few people (and get passed by two older guys on mile four). But we rocked it. Rob’s GPS clocked our actual 10k time at 56:43. My watch time was 58:03 and our official race time was 57:55. The actual course ended up being 6.41 miles, so quite a bit over the traditional 6.2 miles of a 10k. But that’s okay because it means we did that much better since it was longer. 

Now we never tend to hang around after a race. Neither of us are fast enough to win anything. But later during lunch out Rob was checking the results and it turns out I placed 3rd in my age group. It was a small race, but I placed 3/6 for my age group and 56/72 total. Not too impressive overall, but I never in it to win, especially being my first 10k race. However, this is the second time I’ve placed in a race and not been around for awards, so we decided we might need to start staying through awards now. So that’s exciting.

I snipped this photo off the website’s slideshow of photos. For some reason the slideshow is cut off on the right, so once Rob gets the real photos emailed to him I’ll change this to a better one, but there we are part way through mile 5 when this was taken.

Next on the docket is my Oly tri on September 8th, so I have a bit of down time to focus on that before it actually sneaks up on me. 

Another race in the books!

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  1. Good job you two! Any ideas on why you tend to hang at the back of the pack for a mass start? Maybe you can start working your way closer to the front? And I’m totally jealous of the fun stops you made before the race!

    1. We hang towards the back because we’re slow, haha. It’s considered courteous to let those you know will be faster than you start in front of you so you don’t slow them down by making them attempt to pass you.

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