Race Recap – Iron Girl Syracuse

So my tri Sunday went really, really well. The weather held out as it was supposed to be only like 58* and rainy but it was perfect and never rained. 

My swim was not so good. I got caught in the middle of the pack and got stuck in the “washing machine” (the term used to describe a 100 flailing swimmers churning water) and took in a lot of water. Breathing was hard. It sucked. My swim was about 50 seconds slower than last year. And for only being 600 meters I should not have been as gassed as I was at the end. I’m a bit upset that I had a bit of panic in the water. IG Cuse is notorious for the swim being shallow and offering the ability to touch for more than half the swim. Plus, it wasn’t a long swim, so the fact that I had some reservation in the water and some negative thoughts was disappointing. I really need to work on my swimming. I’ll muscle through my last Tri the way I have been, then I’m going to ask Ellen if she’ll teach me to swim properly and bilaterally. I can’t just keep flailing and side stroking forever. 

The bike was awesome. I was trying to keep it around the one hour mark which I succeeded in. I averaged just shy of 18mph for the 30k (18.6 mile) course. I’m thinking if I can afford it I may upgrade my bike for next season. We’ll see. But my little Jamis definitely gets it done. I passed plenty of people on much nicer bikes than mine, so I’m happy with my decision as far as choosing an entry level bike is concerned.  

My run was pretty decent. I averaged 9:44 per mile pace. I walked once around the 1 mile mark only to stretch while I walked for about 20 feet since one of my shins was hurting. It was me awkwardly lunge walking on my toes to try and stretch my calf muscle without stopping. I definitely got a knot in it on the bike and it continued to bother me all day yesterday too. I also walked through the aid station because I am incapable of running and drinking. Plus they were handing out water and HEED and I can definitely not run and double fist. 

My complete time was 1:53:09, so I crushed my sub-2 goal by more than I had anticipated. I place 29/105 for my age group and 280/1124 for the race. So I was very happy. I thought I was going to get DQed because I forgot to put my bib on for the run, but thankfully they let me slide. In total, I took over 21 minutes off my time from last year. Very, very pleased. 

2012                          2013
Swim- 15:29              Swim-16:18                                     
T1-                            T1-4:10 (it’s a long run from the swim exit to the transition area)
Bike-1:14:29             Bike-1:00:55 
T2-                            T2-1:37
Run-36:05                 Run-30:09
Total-2:14:45            Total-1:53:09

They don’t have my transition times listed for last year anymore, but I know they were around 6:30 and 2:30-ish. But anyways, that’s about it. Hopefully I get some pro pix back even though I don’t have my number on for the run portion. But, Rob made me surprise signs that were amazing! The first one is a full sized sign of me as Iron Man. The second is a smaller one that he had attached to Griswold’s back pack. So cute.

So that’s about it. We have a 10k in Cooperstown this weekend, then my next triathlon is the Finger Lakes Olympic Distance Triathlon on September 8th. Fingers crossed for me as I tackle my first Oly Tri!

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