Race Recap- It’s a Wonderful Run 5k

Saturday night was the end of my 2013 season. A solid season it was and what better way to wrap it up than with a race through historic Seneca Falls NY. 

We ran the It’s a Wonderful Run 5k which is so aptly named because it starts on the bridge that was the inspiration for the movie. Apparently some of the actors from the movie, including the little girl Zu Zu (Don’t question me, I’ve never seen the movie all the way through) were there too. 

There were 4000 registered to run, but a total of 2816 ended up finishing. The weather probably scared a lot of people off. We were in the middle of getting a huge snow dump, so conditions were less than ideal to put it nicely. 

Fun fact: the guy in the elf suit right in front works at the summer camp Rob and I met at. He placed 10th overall for the men with a time of 19:22!
The start picture. We didn’t realize just how many people were in front of us until we starting coming down off the bridge and saw the swarm of people. This is by far the largest (amount of people racing wise) race I have ever run. This meant a lot of weaving. We passed soooo many people the whole way. And it definitely made for a slow start. And 5k is too short of a distance to really ever see the runners thinning out to make it easier. But, the coolest part- they gave out bells for everyone to tie to their shoelaces. It sounded awesome the whole run. Totally loved that!

Also, see those road conditions. Yeah, that was the whole run. My only real complaint about the race was the fact that they did not plow the roads for the course before the race start. Nothing makes a winter run more fun than trudging through four inches of half frozen snow and slush slop. My calves were screaming afterwards from having to work so hard to keep me from sliding all over the road. Yaxtrax may be on my future purchasing list. 

The crowd support was great. The race went through neighborhoods so you could see everything all lit up and people were lining the bottoms of their driveways all bundled up and cheering. 

The race itself was flat and if it wasn’t snowmaggedon I’m sure it would be fast too. We had discussed clipping along at an easy 30 minute pace so as to enjoy ourselves, but soon found that would be a tough pace to maintain because of the road conditions. So time wasn’t great, but I had no intentions of any sort of PR or placing or anything. Had no goal going into this other than enjoy it and have fun. 

For the record, my 5k PR is 26:02

The only real elevation change for this race was the last sprint to the finish line is totally downhill. And having spent years being trained as a sprinter, that is like a dream come true for any race. But with the roads being so sloppy, I really didn’t push as hard downhill into the finish as I would have liked. 

Overall I placed 579th out of 2,816 runners. I placed 29th out of 189 for my division F25-29 and placed 217th out of 1,774 women total. Not too shabby. Especially considering that majorly slowpoke time I pulled. *reminder, had no goal, stop being so critical and competitive*

The only picture of the hubs and I. His phone died and I still haven’t taken to running with mine. We also lacked the forethought to put the blinking red safety light on the nose of my moose hat to make it into a Rudolph hat. Maybe next year. I would definitely do this race again and would highly suggest it. 

So that’s it. My 2013 season is in the books. I ran a total of five 5k’s, one 10k, one half marathon, two sprint triathlons, and one Olympic triathlon. And I have big plans for 2014 so stay tuned friends!

How was you 2013 race season? Did you accomplish everything you wanted?
What big plans do you have for 2014?

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  1. I was there too! I love this race, but it was the first year we’ve run it that there was snow. It definitely made for an interesting challenge!

  2. Yay for doing the race in those conditions!

    I was afraid that they’d cancel mine for good if we had more freezing rain. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day!

  3. The bells sound like so much fun! I didn’t run any races in 2013. I always hated running, but decided this fall I was sick of my negative mentality, so I decided to train for a half marathon in the spring. This past summer, I’d get winded and stop at 3/4 of a single mile. I can run 10 now while pushing a jogging stroller with a toddler, so I’ve come a long way! Looking forward to being inspired by you this coming year =D

  4. Sounds like a blast! I don’t think I could handle those conditions… I am way too used to my Alabama weather.

    I am pretty happy with my 2013 racing season, and am ready to start planning for 2014.

  5. That race sounded really festive, especially with all the snow! Props for racing in that! I don’t know if you saw my post from Monday, but I wore my Yaktrax for the first time last weekend and loved them! They only work on packed snow and ice though, so fresh snow still sucks to run through.

  6. Congrats and in 19 degrees too. Brrr!

    Unfortunately I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted in 2013 due to 1 injury. ugh! I’m making plans for 2014 as we speak!

  7. This race sounds awesome! It’s a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite Christmas movies, which makes me think I might have to take a road trip next year…

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