Race Recap- St. Michael’s Turkey Trot 5k

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a nice holiday. I ate far too much dessert. Yup. But my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, and Rob’s parents came over. It was really nice and we had a great time and all the food came out delicious. 

Two tables pushed together. Klassy.

Before our meal and family time though Rob and I drove the 20 minutes to Penn Yan for Saint Michael’s Turkey Trot 5k. It was… it was. I’m really not sure how to put it. 

First off, it was gnarly cold. Like crazy cold temperatures and wind. They had everyone down in the church basement for check in and packet pick up if you didn’t get yours ahead of time. And by packet pick up I mean one table with shirts and one with bibs. Not really packets.

We went to the shirt table first only to be told we weren’t on the list. Apparently there was a registration cut off for shirts. We later, after getting back home and checking their website, discovered we missed the cut off for the long sleeved techwick shirts but should have still gotten a cotton short sleeved shirt. But we were hardcore denied. Grumble, grumble, no shirt. Move onto to table two for bibs. No problem there. 

Then it was a lot of standing around in the basement. About ten minutes before the race was slated to start we were ushered outside. We stood for about ten minutes in the blistering cold, in the shadow of the church, waiting to start and not being able to hear the girl shouting through what appeared to be a turned off megaphone because seriously no one heard anything she said. And we were pretty close to the front of the start too. I will always risk getting trampled at a race that is a mass start-individual finish timed race because otherwise your time is skewed. The start line I never saw until I crossed it, the plain red tape line on the ground. 

The race started out on neighborhood roads for about half a mile before entering the cemetery. And I’m going to say now, the course was horrible. It sucked. It was all uphill for like the first two and half miles and the cemetery service road we ran on was a hot effing mess. Frozen mud and gravel, potholes, ripped apart blacktop. I wish I had known it was basically a trail run, because that’s what it felt like despite the fact that we were technically on a road, if you can really call it that. 

So yeah, almost entirely uphill, over crap terrain, no shirt. I was wiped by the last quarter mile. Like embarrassingly so. I had more pep and energy going into the quarter mile sprint to the finish of my half marathon than this 5k. And I run hills all the dang time. They are 100% unavoidable where I live. But the hills, the crap terrain, the crap weather, it all culminated into making me cranky the whole run. 

The one big plus were the volunteers on the course. They were not only insanely abundant, but cheering and blasting music. They were shouting directions about where not to step to keep us safe and from slipping. They were my favorite part. I love when races have their A Team out on the course. 

29 minute 5k *cranky* *insert eye roll here*

Overall, the race made me grumpy. I was unhappy about the course itself mostly. And even after we finished we went back into the basement and saw their shirt table still filled with excess shirts. We tried to talk our way into shirts, but even post race with a left over pile, they refused to budge on giving us any. Clearly the people in charge here have never worked in customer service. Guess you can’t get everything you want in life. 

As for my time, I’m not thrilled. I don’t remember the last time I clocked a 5k over 29 minutes. I mean goodness, this summer I teetered on the edge of going sub-25 minutes for a 5k all summer long. But, given the weather and the unforgiving course I’m not too upset. Circumstances are what they are. You can only accept it and move on. 

We took off after the race because we had to shower, clean up a bit, and finish some cooking before everyone came over. And, in the 13 years I’ve been running, this was actually my first ever turkey trot, so props to me for trying something new. 

Pooped from playing with his best dog friends all day

And all things considered, the day from start to finish was a success, regardless of my feelings for the run course. Griswold says so. So there. 

Did you do a Turkey Trot race this year? Was it a good one? How’d you do?
What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

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  1. I’ve only ever run one race many years ago. But I’ve made a goal to run a half marathon this summer. It’s fun to read about other’s racing experiences. I’m making a list of pointers to remember.

  2. You know I love the idea of a Turkey Trot!! (We celebrate Thanksgiving in October and there’s no trotting -at least to a finish line in Canada) Good on you for trying it… too bad for the shirts. 🙁

  3. I didn’t run a turkey trot this year, I ended up with a bad case of strep throat so I kept my running close to home. My favorite Thanksgiving food is a sweet potato pie with apples, walnuts and marshmallow that my mom makes, YUMMY!

  4. Definite props for trying something new! I ran my first Turkey Trot this year too and part of the course was abysmal. AND NO SHIRT! I was also after the cut off? What’s up with the no shirts!? I’m sorry you didn’t have the best time, but your time was still great all things considered!

  5. It sound like you live near me with the hilly terrain and gnarly cold weather. (I’m in TN btw). That stinks about the shirt! I mean, that’s why we do races, right?

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