Race Recap – Swamp Rat Races 5k

Another race down. Pregnant me is plodding right along.

After having what felt like a seriously craptastic race at the BASE Race this year, I wanted to find something flat to redeem myself. Luck would have it that two weeks later there would be a nice flat 5k only two miles from my house on a course I am very familiar with. Great!

Swamp Rat Races hosts a 5k and 10k option. It’s a memorial race that is put on by the Syracuse Chargers Track Club and also fund raises for a local school district’s cross country team. So if you can guess, there were a ton of very fit, athletic, young runners who looked legit there. Thankfully I don’t care about winning. This one is a shoe in for club members and high school runners it seems.

Rob and Ellie came out to cheer me on. Ellie loves to clap for the runners as the come through the finish chutes, it’s so cute. They have one mile fun runs at this race for kids too, so I might get Ellie into it next year.

My attempt to get people intimidated by my pregnant running and let me win. Unfortunately, competitive people lack race empathy when it comes to the state of my uterus.

The 5k was supposed to kick off around 9:10 but ran about 5 minutes late getting going. It was a hot day and even though it wasn’t too late in the day, the sun was blaring down and the humidity is thick. It was hot already.

The race finally kicked off and the first .4 miles were a flase flat climb up a narrow, and there fore congested, path out of the park. It was a little slow going through the throngs of people until I finally got to the end of the false flat and crested out onto Muskrat Bay Road. This is the same road the Iron Girl Syracuse run follows, but we were starting a lot further back for the race. That was nice because the first stretch was tree lined. Much appreciated since it was so hot and humid already.

My first mile chirped in at a 10:34 pace which I was happy with. I was hoping to keep that pace a bit longer before I slowed down, which I knew would be inevitable in the heat and being pregnant.

At this point the race cruised on to the stretch of Muskrat Bay with houses on it. The sun beat down and what little breeze was coming off the lake brought no relief. It was nice to have the turn around come up so soon. I’m so used to it being a lot further down.

I walked the turn around so I could swing down a cup of water from the aid station. After I threw back the rest of my cup I handed it back to the volunteer collecting discarded cups and started to run again. The heat was starting to suck some life out of me though.

Mile two chimed in at 10:50 and I stopped to walk for a couple of minutes. I dislike running the heat and humidity as it is, but being pregnant makes it so much worse. My rings felt tight as my hands swelled some. I did start running again after a few minutes though. I wanted to finish strong and there was only a mile left.

I was chugging right along, but the swelling started to catch up with me. I could feel my preggo feet swelling in the heat. Lefty went tingly first. I kept running. Then I started losing feeling in righty too. Stop, walk a bit, shake my legs to get the blood flowing back down to my feet. C’mon body, not cool.

I started running again and passed back into the tee lined part of Muskrat Bay. My overall pace had slowed quiet a bit. Around the 2.5 mile mark, we hit another false flat and started a slow and low climb back towards the path into the park. The climb started to spike my heart rate and my feet were losing more feeling. I slowed back to a walk again. Frustrating, but I need to listen to my body.

As I got to the top of the low and long climb I started to run again as I turned into the final .4 miles, the first false flat at the beginning which now meant an easy low downhill to the finish.

My final mile chirped in at 11:30. Clearly a couple of walk breaks slowed me down quite a bit. I started to speed up. Rob and Ellie were waiting just before the finish and I was happy to wee my smiling husband and my sweet little girl clapping for me when she realized I was running by. I blew her a kiss and barreled through the finish at an 8:09 pace.

Final finish time- 34:13

A full minute faster then my race two weeks prior and with me being two weeks more pregnant, I’ll take it.

I’d like to continue getting in another race. I did agree with Rob that i would double check with my OB at our anatomy scan next week that it’s still okay, but I don’t foresee her saying no. They know I’m running 3-5 days a week and they cleared me to start baby boot camp again. So hopefully I’ll have a July 5k to look forward to as well.

I’m definitely happy with this race and happy with my body. I’m doing more this time around then I was able to do when pregnant with Ellie. High five, body!