Race Report – BASE Race 5K

For the second year in a row Rob and I headed off to Cooperstown to run the BASE Race. Last year it was in August, but this year they moved to it coincide with Hall of Fame Weekend. If you love baseball then this is the race you definitely want to do next year!


Last year we ran the 10k which was out on rural back roads. We signed up for the 5k this year since it runs through town, but it looks like the 10k was reconfigured to run through downtown Cooperstown too. They moved the start/finish line from the sports center just outside of town to Double Day Field, which was cool. Originally the plan was to run through the field and swing around to the finish line, but it rained quite a bit in the morning. They ended up nixing the run through the field which brings me to my only complaint. The course was short. Like, really short. My Garmin clocked only 2.83 miles and Rob’s GPS was similar.

But the run was really good. It went out past the sports center before looping down through town. It had the same rolling hills I’m used to running too. Hubby and I took off out of the gate at a sub-8 minute per mile pace. We held that long enough to pass a lot of people before slowing down at the first hill. Honestly, I felt really good the whole run and feel as though I ran the hills a bit more conservatively than I would have liked. I wish I had just punched it hard the whole race. There were good climbs the first mile and a half before we reentered downtown. Once we passed back into town and I saw we were barely over 2 miles I knew the course would be short. I kicked myself for being conservative on my middle mile and shifted into high gear. And once I hit Main Street and realized the course was going to not even hit the three mile mark I attempted to empty my tank and bring it home hard. I barreled my way through the finishers shoot at a sub-6 minute per mile pace and finished in 25:37. Had that been my time for a full 5K I’d be happy to take the PR. However, I was on pace to be right around the 27 minute mark, most likely sub-27 if I kept on pushing, which wouldn’t have been a PR for me anyways. So, I’ll be letting this one go.

Despite the short course, this race was fun. There was so much to see the whole time on the course and pre and post race were awesome too. They had a bunch of MLB players there pre race signing autographs, taking pictures, and chatting with the runners. And they were all lined up down the finishers shoot giving out high fives as you ran down the shoot. Awesome!


Decola giving Louis Gonzalez the side eye

And the race is only $25, which gets you a few odds and ends in your race packet. It also included a cotton shirt which was disappointing since last year they gave out tech wick. But this year they included a free pass to the Hall of Fame and a free ticket to the Hall of Fame Old Timers Game.


The Game!

jimthomeDeCola and Rob getting their picture with Jim Thome

Overall this is a great little local race. They did a much better job this year in terms of organization and making me want to come back again next year. Plus getting to go to the Hall of Fame and the game afterwards were a great surprise. I highly suggest this race if you’re looking for a whole day of fun activities, enjoy baseball, and love yourself some good small town racing!

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