Race Report- It’s a Wonderful Run 5k 2014

And there it is, my last race of the year in the books. This was my second year running the It’s A Wonderful Run 5k and this year’s weather was much more amenable to running.

It’s a great race to end the year with and this year was no exception.


The race is run just after dark through historic Seneca Falls NY, starting on the iconic bridge from It’s a Wonderful Life. Lots of people dress up and and it’s really a lot of fun. I had battery powered Christmas lights I intended to wear, but I was running late and forgot them. Sadness.

We started farther back on the bridge this year. I wish we had tried to move up more, but it was so crowded and honestly it doesn’t make a difference. I doesn’t matter how much they say over and over for walkers to be in the back, there’s always slow or walking people in front of you.

The first mile of this race is tough. It’s soooooo crowded and 5k is not really enough distance for the crowd to ever really thin out, but that first mile-ish is really difficult. Lots of people walking together two or three people wide across the street, lots of slow runners who started up front, and just trying to find your own space.

Rob had a goal in mind for this race, so we dodged through the crowd together for the first half mile before he sped off without me. At that point I just turned up my music and settled in, continuing to weave and dive around people the whole way.

This is a nice run, it’s super flat the whole way with a great downhill sprint to the finish line. It weaves through the neighborhoods and everyone sits out at the ends of their driveways cheering, playing music, waving signs, and just having a great time. There’s lots to see and take in, so even though I was plodding along solo style, I had a really fun time.


I still haven’t reclaimed my speed since bouncing back from my calf tear, but I was happy with my results from this race. Considering my run a few nights earlier was over an 11/mile pace, I was pleased with my overall time. Not my best, by far, but the best I can do now. I did grab negative splits, which I’m always get so excited about in a race. Means I did things right!


I will continue to run this race every year, honestly. It’s the perfect way to end my season and my year as an athlete. And I think everyone needs to come run it at least once in their life!


Happy holidays friends!

Did you run a holiday themed race this month? Tell me about it!

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  1. Nice job maintaining an easy pace for the 5K!! I struggle with that sometimes 😉 I didn’t run any holiday themed races this month, and doubt that I will. Since winter break has started, I’ve managed to get sick and am going to the doctor in about an hour. So much for having lots of time for working out over break…hopefully it is short lived.
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