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Hello Friday. You’re so pretty.

I think I’ve digested my Delta Lake results enough at this point. I’ve been drinking out of my champion glass all week, so that’s how I feel about it. Although a fellow friend and athlete mentioned that they reassessed the swim afterwards and it actually measured 1.1 miles not the traditional .9 that Olympic is supposed to be, which makes me feel infinitely better. I could not wrap my head around the idea that my swim pace was 2:42/100m. But at the new distance that puts me at 2:17/100m, which is definitely right about where I fall for open water, much more accurate.

I thought “swimming” was floating in the lake with an adult beverage in hand? No? Okay then, we can race. Quit twisting my arm.

I have another race this weekend. That’s three weekends in a row. Three, count em’, three. And guess what next weekend is? Iron Girl. So, four. Four race weekends in a row. Oops. I did not see that coming. In fact, I just realized I did this to myself this week. Well then.

At least this weekend’s race is only a 10k. I need to start half marathon training anyways, so this will just be my first “long run” and I can start really focusing on half training after Iron Girl. I mean, I’ll still have FLT Olympic in September, but I really need to start cranking out speed work and mileage if I want any chance at PR’ing my half marathon time in October.

And speaking of PR’s, I’m going to play along with Friday Five again with my pal Cynthia. Theme for this week is 5 Fitness Goals!

1. PR my half marathon time- Really I’d like to run a sub-2 hour half, but I just don’t foresee reclaiming enough of my seemingly recently lost speed to manage that, so I’ll just PR my time and hope for the best.

2. PR my Olympic triathlon time…again- After Delta Lake I’m really hoping to out a better race at FLT. I think I can, especially since I’ll finally have a time gap in between races for this one. The bike course is hilly, but I have a home field advantage on the swim (really the whole race) and the run is super flat. As long as I don’t hit another wall, this should be doable.

No one should be that smiley and fresh looking after 34 miles. I want to have that kind o race again.

3. Lose weight- wah, wah, wah, fatty. My diet has been a big old hot mess disaster and my thighs agree. I need to fit into dress pants in a month. I doubt school will let me get away with wearing jeans as much as the Council does, so I really need to drop a few pounds so I can squeeze myself back into my work pants. Woe is me, blah.

4. Get certified- I have my triathlon coaching training and clinic in a few weeks. I’m also going to be looking into getting spinning certified. I’d really like someone to pay me to workout. And I love spinning, so yes please.

5. Become an afternoon athlete- My new job requires me to be to school by 7am and I’ll have a 25 minute commute. My gym doesn’t open until 6am and the Y doesn’t open until 530am. Neither of these options leave me enough time to get in a morning workout, get ready, and get to school on time. I’m really sad about this because morning workouts start my day off right. And if I’m getting up that early I’d rather be working out then struggling to be awake while getting ready. So I’m going to have to switch my gears to working out after school, be it in the school’s weight room or heading right to the gym after I leave. But this will be a big adjustment for me. This also means no more two-a-days. Wahhhhh. But, it’s for a kickass job, so I can figure it out.

If you could get certified in any coaching or fitness instruction, what would you pick and why?

Advice on not making excuses to skip afternoon workouts? That is my downfall.  

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    1. I love morning running! I can still do my short in the early morning I guess. I like running in the dark early mornings

  1. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to become a certified Personal Trainer and/or Olympic Lifting coach, mainly for my own use.

    I’m an afternoon workout person. I just can’t do a 3:30 AM wake-up call during the week and still function at work.
    For me, I have a gym membership at a gym on my way home. I personally feel guilty driving past it and not stopping, unless it is a scheduled rest day.

    I also pack my gym bag and set it on the front seat as a constant reminder of what I want and need to do.

    I also let my husband know early in the day what my workout plans are for the day. He is really good about holding me accountable to myself when I just want to come home and sit on the couch.

    Another thing is the self-hate that happens if I skip it. I have goals to meet and beat. I know if I start skipping workouts, I won’t get there, which is disappointing to me. Plus, I just feel better after I workout, so it’s a win-win situation.

    Other than that, it just has to become a habit. Once you shift to afternoons and get used to them, they get easier 🙂
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    1. Yeah, the old gym bag is going to have to come out! I’ll miss my one mile bubble that is home/work/and both my gyms.

  2. I agree with the Famous Mudder – pack your bag and stop at the gym on the way home. Do NOT go home first, because you will never leave (or at least that’s what happens to me). I also keep my training plan posted at my desk at work, so I can see it and so I feel guilty the next day if I can’t cross off my workout from the previous day.

    1. Love the idea of having my training plan posted at work! Thank you!!

  3. I used to be strictly a morning runner but when I was looking to get faster, I joined a run group that ran in the evenings. This was SO foreign to me BUT, meeting with the group helped me stay accountable and I went a full year with them only missing a handful of workouts due to either work or being sick. So, maybe you need to find a group of some sort that can help keep you motivated & accountable?
    As for being certified – I got my run coach certification this year and that was something I’ve wanted to do for a LONG time. Next on my list – Triathlon coaching certification. I’d also like to get certified to teach TRX. 😀
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    1. My tri club does a lot of evening workouts. I’ll just have to be diligent about going. Though they swim in the mornings and I’ll miss that now, boooo

  4. Great goals. Good luck with the upcoming races. Getting paid to Spin rocks! I absolutely love it and have so much fun with creating new playlists. Only advice about the afternoon workouts is do not go home first. Pack your gym clothes in the car. It’s too easy to skip once you get home. That’s all I got, it’s been awhile since I did afternoon workouts. I’m a morning workout gal!

    1. I see a common theme here about not going home first, haha! I will definitely make sure I bring workout stuff with me everyday!

  5. I wish I had advice for going to the gym in the afternoon but I’m a morning runner because I am absolutely terrible at going to the gym if I wait to do it in the afternoon. Could you maybe change at work so you’re less tempted to go home? And if I could certified in something related to fitness, I would love to be a certified running coach.
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    1. I’ll be bringing my gear with me. I’m terrible about afternoon workouts, I’m the queen of excuses. I’ll be sad to not have my gym in the mornings anymore.

      Running coach is high on my list too. Lots of years of running and I’d love to spread the love!

  6. I live with MS (multiple sclerosis), so I would love to be certified in nutrition and fitness for those living with chronic degenerative diseases, particularly those that affect mobility like MS. In fact, I’m investigating doing just this right now!

    As for tips on becoming an afternoon athlete, that’s going to be easy, as once you’re out of the house, you don’t go back in until after you’ve worked out, lol. That means, making sure that you have your gym bag packed and ready to go either at work or in the car so that you don’t have any excuses.

    And, you can totally do 2-a-day workouts if you get up earlier and do a lifting, body-weight, or cardio routine at home before hitting the commute. I tend to be an afternoon or evening athlete, as my bed holds me hostage 😉

    Great luck to you, and have a blast on your next two weekend races!!

    1. I’m planning to set my bike trainer up in the basement after my tri season is over so I can at least ride inside in the mornings still. Lifting at home is a good idea too.

      Good luck researching those certifications! I hope you find something incredible so you can share your passion and experience with others =)

    1. Pretty things are nice! I’ll have to jump into an evening spin class, great idea!

  7. Awesome goals! I always work out in the afternoons. These are my most commonly used excuses: too hungry, too tired, forgot to bring stuff to wear. So to eliminate that, I bring a snack to eat before leaving work, have my coffee in the afternoons so that I’m still alive after work, and bring my workout stuff with me to work. Another thing I like to do is tell people that I’m going to work out so that someone will ask me about it if they don’t see me doing it. On another note, I totally love your race schedule! I love races and I think it keeps things exciting when you have one coming up. Good luck this weekend!
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    1. Telling people is a smart idea! Then I’ll feel bad if I don’t go for sure, haha! Thanks! Hopefully I can kick some 10k booty!

    1. Oh, that’s a good idea! Apparently one of the English teachers is a triathlete who just went pro. Maybe she can be my personal after school butt kicker.

  8. Never go home after work unless u need your bike even then try not to go inside there always something else to do in there.

  9. Hey Courtney! It’s been awhile. Congrats on the Oly – I know you wanted a faster time, but awesome job especially on the bike and the transition times. The more I think about it, it makes sense for me to get certified in something. My disclaimer is always “I’m not a trainer just a gym rat”, yet I feel like I’ve learned a lot just by watching people. If I could pick anything, I’d love to teach yoga or a boot camp style class – two different realms, lol! #wowlinkup
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  10. Afternoon and evening workouts are my downfall as well but I am going to have to PUSH THROUGH IT. My boot camp coach is offering two-a-days or unlimited boot camp classes from 8/4 to 8/28 so you know I can’t turn that down so I am gonna have to figure out how to get my head around a 5:30 am workout and then a 6:30 pm workout. I have POUNDS to lose. Anywho if I could get certified in anything it would be personal training and becoming a certified nutritionist. #wowlinkup
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