Recap, House Work, and Baby Bumps

Hello Monday. How nice to see you and not be in school. What a glorious feeling. Now if only it would stop being 60F and rainy I’d be really happy.

Workout recap, this should be easy.

I worked out once this week. I will say that is significantly better than zero times, which was my last two weeks. I went to the gym one day after school last week and did 30 minutes on the spin bike. That was it.

We’ve been doing a lot around the house, so I like to think that counts for something. We redid our landscaping.

We’ve touched it up a bit more since I took this, but that’s more or less what it looks like now.

And we bought a crib and dresser for Ellie’s rooms. We managed to get the price down 50% and couldn’t pass it up. Plus, this is some real wood furniture. My dad had to come over and help Rob get the dresser up our narrow stairs that has a 90* turn in it. It was insanely heavy and in no way, shape or form came apart. Just one giant, solid piece of wood. It’s probably the single nicest piece of furniture in our house. Little girl better like it.

Can’t wait to get every thing else we need and finish her room.

The letters will get hung on the wall after we paint. We still have lots we need to get, buy, and do, but we’re making some serious progress. Nesting mode, y’all. Until then, lots of lounging and watching Fraggle Rock.


This week I am committing to working out five times and getting my eating cleaned up. My plan for today is to get out for a run in the morning then head to the grocery store armed with a list that will do my best not to deviate (too much) from.

So yes, running this week and hopefully swimming too. I need to order a maternity swim suit that is simple enough for lap swimming since my suit doesn’t fit anymore.

Here’s to having a real, more productive weekly recap next week.

Also, don’t forget tomorrow is Tri Talk Tuesday! We’re chatting wetsuits, so make sure you come join the conversation.

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    1. Where’d you get a suit from? I’m having a hard time finding something that will hold up to significant amounts of swimming that won’t destroy my budget while accommodating my growing belly.

  1. Just a heads up about maternity suits…you will probably HATE them Most are not lap-swimmable as there is too much material and the necklines are too low. Works more like a drag suit!
    (I did and went back to my Speedo and swam up until the 9th month in it-people didn’t have to look if they didn’t want to!)
    Ellie’s room looks wonderful. That dresser will follow her to college probably! Your yard looks great! I get so jealous of actual flowering plants and green this time of year! Nice screened in porch too! Cute house!
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    1. I’ve found a few suits that are lap suit friendly and got good reviews for such, but they are soooo expensive! I cannot wrap my mind around the cost.

      Thanks! We love our little house. It has it’s quirks being 84 years old, but it’s a good house.

    1. I can’t wait to finish it! Baby stuff if so expensive though, we have to spread out our purchases.

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