Relay For Motivation

So my first race of the season is totally sneaking up on me right now. Seneca7 is one week from Sunday and I’m getting quite excited. 

It’ll be my first time running a relay race since my high school track days, and those don’t really count. This is race teams of seven people running the 77.7 mile loop around Seneca lake and each runner has three legs to run. The local wineries along the way act as runner drop offs where one runner hands the slap bracelet off to the next then everyone piles in a van to get to the next drop point. It should be a ton of fun. And as runner seven I get to bring the team home across the finish line, so that’ll be awesome. 

Our team got together last night to go over some of the logistics and it just got me more and more excited for my kick off race of the 2014 season. 

And speaking of my race season, I’ll be ordering my race line up shirt this week. A little later than I did last year, but I was waiting for my schedule to be finalized. It’ll include everything but the 5k’s I’m currently registered for. Or maybe I’ll add those on. We’ll see. 

My shirt from last year contained only my triathlons. This year my shirt has one relay, six triathlons, and two half marathons donning the back. Welcome to crazy town, population me. 

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, this is my second year ordering a custom tank top with my race line up on the back. As I complete races I check them off. It’s super motivating and I love wearing it to the gym as I start checking off the boxes. If you need motivation I highly suggest this method. It’s awesome and I feel like a total badass when the whole list is checked off!

This week has felt rough. I think maybe having a two and half day work week after a long weekend of fun and debauchery made transitioning back to real life harder than if I had just worked all week. I slept through my alarm two of the three days I had it set for and consequently am now flipping my rest day from Friday to Wednesday. So goes it I guess. My overall training week should still be good and next week I should be back to real life, taking names and kicking ass. 

And because it’s been a while, don’t forget to head over to and use code TRIGC14 for 15% off your purchases. It’s finally race season, so go load up!

Ever run a relay race before? Tell me about it!
Do you have anything that serves as tangible motivation for you?

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    1. My shirt last year came from Zazzle and they have tons of different top options. This year my shirt is coming from and I’ll be doing a review and a shirt giveaway, so stay tuned for that!

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