Renovating My Normal

I’m writing this from what feels like a state of pure exhaustion. If it makes no sense, that’s definitely why.

My first week back to full time work was tough. It’s always an adjustment. Throw in being super duper pregnant and by Thursday I thought I was dying. I was struggling to keep my eyes open during my planning periods, quiet and alone in my room. By Friday I was already feeling snippy with the kids. After only four days. In my defense though, a few of the kids are already attempting to push my buttons.

This was also supposed to be the last week for our house renovations. Except the flooring guy showed up Friday with the wrong amount of kitchen floor. For real. Like really, who measured and ordered and screwed up? Because I hate you. Now I have to wait another, I don’t even know how long because they never gave us a time line, for them to come back and finish. I would like my kitchen to be out of my living room and dining room please and thank you.

As luck would have it, that allowed us Rob to paint without worrying about the floors at least. Our reno company does zero painting, so we had to paint the ceiling and we also planned to repaint the walls. So Hubby got all that done Friday instead of us getting floors.

Then we spent the weekend tiling. We’ve tiled before, it’s not hard, just time consuming. We did our original backsplash a couple of years ago as well as putting up subway tiles in our bathroom. They pulled out our glass tile backsplash when they tore out our old kitchen cabinets, so we opted to put our own back in again.


We went with marble subways, turned vertical. There’s a little sneak peak, pre grout. We got that done Saturday before heading out to Syracuse for a birthday dinner for Hubs. Sunday we did the other side of the kitchen since ours is galley style. Hubby is grouting today, so when I get home from work it should be done, which is exciting.

I’m counting two days of tiling as a workout. The new cabinets are taller than our old ones and I’m quite short. I also basically have a basketball stuck on my belly, so spreading mastic and laying tiles while reaching over my belly and taller counters was tedious. My little arms were sore after we finished.

Speaking of workouts.

Garmin is drunk. There is no way I ran at a 10:40 pace this pregnant. I had the treadmill set to 12:30 and sped it up as I went.

That was mostly it for me. I ran Monday morning on the treadmill. My Garmin said 1.3 miles, the treadmill said 1.1 miles. Whatever. I ran some. I have a giant belly, running is slow and hard. My current running shoes are beat and leaving my shins sore. They are way done and passed their life span, so I have a new pair of Zoots on the way. But yeah. Running.

Tuesday I tried about 20 minutes of a prenatal yoga video that one of the school counselors gave to me. I am soooooo not flexible. It was hard. I am super bad at yoga, and this was modified, easy yoga! I’ll keep at it, but I don’t expect to get any better.

It was too hot for me to stomach spinning last week. It was over 90F all week with pea soup level humidity. And the spin room is not air conditioned, so I opted out. Beyond that, the reno crew was there until late every night last week. Thursday was their last day and they didn’t leave until after 9pm. My bed time is 9pm on schools nights, so I was very tired and crabby. There was just no workouts in me last week between the extreme heat, the reno guys in our house from dawn until dusk every day, and me adjusting to a real work schedule again.

What was your best  and worst workout this week?

Home renovations- DIY or hire out?

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  1. LOVE your back splash! Fingers crossed that you get your floors finished soon!

    I have had a couple runs this summer when I’ve suddenly realized that my shoes are done. So naturally I kept running in them while I waited for my new pair to arrive and, like you said, it just destroys my shins. I hope your new shoes get here soon.
    Heather recently posted…Grand Rapids Marathon – 6!!!My Profile

    1. I am totally also one to continue running through the pain until my new shoes arrive. So bad!

  2. I love the white cabinets and backsplash. You have very good taste!! My husband and I will usually try to tackle a home project ourselves before hiring out… unless it is something we feel would be worth the investment (saving us time, energy, stress, hassle, etc.). Looks like you are making a lot of progress!
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Axel’s Birth StoryMy Profile

    1. This is the first time we’ve ever hired out. We could have done everything (bathroom, kitchen, windows are more questionable) ourselves, but we also wanted everything done by the time baby gets here. The two of us are too slow alone, so hiring out was the way to go. Usually we are very much in the DIY camp.

  3. My husband and I started tearing out the tile in the kitchen and now have plans for a whole makeover on a budget. We are thinking subway tile for the kitchen, your preview is beautiful. Did you paint the kitchen cabinets? We are going to paint ours and just trying to figure out the right kind to use.
    Sheena @ Paws and Pavement recently posted…Restful weekendMy Profile

    1. We did not, we got those new. But I know it’s supposed to be pretty easy to repaint cabinets if you take your time and do it right. Subway tiles are super easy too and always look nice. We did them in our upstairs bathroom too. I hope you guys have fun renovating your kitchen! Doing it yourself is so rewarding.

  4. I love the kitchen!! We do a lot of DIY when we do renovations…both indoors and outdoors. The downfall is that it does take a lot longer to do than if it were hired out. I have been slacking on the workout front this week…Volunteering yesterday at IMWI gave me a motivational kick in the a$$, but today I am definitely exhausted from all of the running around, cheering and thinking for thousands of athletes. I think I may have to start that a$$ kicking tomorrow 😉
    Kecia recently posted…The Des Moines Triathlon RelayMy Profile

    1. I hope it’s done soon too! I’m ready to get boxes of kitchen ware off my living room floor.

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