Run Happy

Oh my gosh. Running, why are you so difficult!?

I ran three times this week.

Tuesday after work I set off hoping to get in four miles. I did three. I took off down my street and headed into town. It was rush hour so I should have just stuck to the neighborhoods. I had cars mad at me for crossing when I had the right of way, almost got nailed more than once, and got stopped for direction by some old people.

Then, just shy of about 1.3 miles, I felt a little pop in my calf. Crap. Stop to stretch, turn around to head home. I stopped once more to stretch about another mile later. And I ended up in my driveway at the three mile mark. Only a mile short of what I was hoping for, but I was having pain in my calf during my run, the first time that’s happened since I got cleared to run again.


I wasn’t terribly pleased with my pace or my leg giving me a hard time. So frustrating.

Took Wednesday off to stretch and ice and felt better Thursday. My plan was an easy and flat two mile run around my neighborhood. Just get out, feel good, and try to have a pain free run. I only did one mile. I had to stop and stretch during it. It was the slowest mile I’ve ever run coming in at 10:51, and that pace was difficult for me. WTFBODY!?

Stretch, ice, be angry. Follow up appointment with my sports med doctor was on Wednesday too. He said since I’m not 100% yet I may need to consider not running ESHM. NOPE. Not an option, sorry. It’s going to be a training run for Disney at this point. I will not get my sub-2 half marathon this year that is for sure, but I will finish my race season with my two big road races. I had my last tri of the season taken from me, I’m not letting go of one of my halves too.

So Saturday Hubby and I set out for five mile. We mapped out a loop that did half around the neighborhood and other half around the high school. I was clipping along great, no pain or issues. And you know what? The run went well. I had a few fast miles, a few slow miles, but I felt great. My legs were good, my calf was fine during the run, I had my breathing in control, found a rhythm, maintained a manageable heart rate. Finally, after a crummy week of running I had a decent run. And we ended up deciding to keep going once we got to the turning point that would have us home at five miles. We hit another block around our neighborhood and I ended up in my driveway at 6.03 miles and an average pace of 10:12. And while normally I wouldn’t be happy with that pace, coming off an injury and just being slower in general, I’m happy with. And I’d be plenty happy if our pace for the whole half marathon was around there.

Husband’s phone GPS was a bit ahead of mine.

That Saturday run was so important to me. I needed to get over the mental barrier of running more than three or four miles. I needed to run for at least an hour without stopping. I needed to know I could run again. And I feel so confident that I can finish this half marathon in three weeks. There will be no taper for me. Next week we’re going to do a 7-8 miler plus we have the Octoberfest 5k in PA on Sunday. Then the week before the race we’re planning to do a 9-10 miler. Then it’ll be race week. And if we can hit our next two long runs I think I’ll be okay.

I’m so grateful I have a husband who does this crazy stuff with me. It makes such a huge difference when he can relate to what I’m going through and can we run together. Seriously so lucky to have such an awesome, supportive husband who loves to run with me!

Also, my Kinvara’s are going back to Amazon. The honeymoon period was over after two runs. Pain in my shins, tight achilles, and the issue with my calf popping and hurting on my run. They also feel too roomy. And they’re narrow! But the Zoots have a feature that makes them incredibly glove like in their fit and I’ve been spoiled. So I’ll be getting a new pair of Zoot Ultra TT’s instead.

Best workout you had this week? Go!

7 Replies to “Run Happy”

    1. I’ve definitely done that before, right back to training after a race. It’s tough! Kudos to you, your marathon is going to be amazing!

  1. Awesome job on your 6 mile run lady. Coming off an injury is physically and mentally demanding, but you’re doing awesome. You just keep plugging away at it. You’ll be back to your a-game soon 🙂

    I spent my weekend sick, so no workouts here. I’m not sure how I feel about that at the moment. My body needed it, but I wanted to get back to normal workouts. Oh well, life goes on.
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    1. Aw, being sick is the worst! Sometimes a reall hard and demanding race will do that to you. Maybe your body was just ready to rest after the Ultra Beast and all that training. Feel better! You’ll be back to your awesome self soon enough.

    1. I would kill for ten hours of sleep!!! I’d kill to just sleep through the night without waking, tossing or turning. Enjoy your week off. Sometimes we need to recharge!

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