I Am A Runner

For those of you who don’t know, I originally come from a running background. That’s the funny thing about us triathletes, most of us didn’t start with multisport racing. For me, and seemingly most common, running was where it started for me.

I first joined track when I was in the sixth grade and I stuck with it all through high school, up until my senior year when I was too busy with a full school load, night college classes, and a full time job to keep up with track. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t still run.


Today is National Running Day 2014. So it was fitting that scheduled a split run for today’s workout. I did my first run this morning and will knock out a second after work.

People run for different reasons. And those reasons are dynamic. My reasons started as a desire to play a sport which evolved into enjoying running and doing it stay fit. In college running was merely a component of rugby, which I played for a couple of years. Then I ran here and there, off and on to try and reclaim or stay fit, depending on where my fitness level fell at any given time. After college I didn’t run as much, but mostly because I was in a downward spiraling hell of a job and occasionally ran for relief and to escape. And once life settled and calmed, I ran for me. But no matter where I’ve been in my life, I always came back to running.



And now, now I run to finish. To feel free, accomplished, and capable. Whether it’s a road race or a triathlon, in order to cross the finish line you’ve got to run. And in those moments where your body, the weight of everything that is you both physically and mentally, does something incredible by the power of your own body and the will of your mind; that is why I run.

I ran today.
I will run tonight.
I will run tomorrow.
I will run as long as my body allows it.
I am a runner.
Are you running today? Tell me about it!
Why do you run?

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  1. When I was in high school, I hated running, but was forced to be on the cross-country track team as endurance and cardio training for our volleyball team. When I went to university, I tried running around the block a few times but was way more into partying than anything!

    It wasn’t until I was in my early thirties that I started. I had gained weight and wasn’t happy with how I felt. So I got serious about it and ran my first 5 km that year. Between then and now, I’ve run another 5 km, but I had never set goals for them or even knew what pacing was at that time! So my race this Sunday will be different.

    It’s funny that it’s National Running Day in the US because in the city where I live, it’s Ride Your Bike to Work Day. No, I didn’t ride my bike. But I do have a run scheduled for after work 🙂

    Great writing. I enjoy reading your blog and have it as one of my favorites on my own site. You always get me thinking!
    Darilyn Weiss recently posted…Where Did May Go?My Profile

    1. Good luck on Sunday!!!

      Thank you for your kind words too. It means a lot to me to know people really appreciate what I have to say. You’re very sweet =)

  2. I’m also a Runner, and I consider running to be my ‘first love’ when it comes to exercise and sports. I played a lot of sports in high school and always played the position that got to run more than the others (i.e. midfield positions)… I also ran track! I have always LOVED to run and I consider it to be my addiction. I find that coming from a running background gives me the advantage in triathlons, since I am fastest at the end of the race. I love catching up to people on the run portion of a tri who have passed me on the bike! My only complaint about being a runner is, I wish it didn’t cause so many overuse injuries on my body… .I am constantly fighting a battle where my mind loves running but my body doesn’t, very frustrating at times! I do not have a run scheduled for today, but I have hill repeats tomorrow, wahoo!
    Kristin (@SweatCourage) recently posted…Tri Talk Tuesday: Pre-Race JittersMy Profile

    1. Oh yes, the injuries with running are the worst. I’ve had more than my fair share over the years. But agree, having the running background makes triathlons so much sweeter. I always feel bad for people who love triathlons but hate running since it’s the last and usually most physically difficult part of the race. Definitely advantageous to have been a runner first!

    1. Glad to hear you had a good run! It always makes my day better when my run goes well.

    1. My love of running definitely ebbs and flows, but it’s so freeing and rewarding. It’s hard not to always come back to running =)

  3. I ran to work, 7.5 miles. I biked it yesterday. I run for my sanity and my peace and alone time and because I love how it makes me feel!

    1. That’s awesome! I would love to run to work but then I’d be sweaty and gross all day. Sanity, yes, that’s always a good reason to run. I’m always more sane when I’m running regularly.

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