Running Derailed… Again

Hey, hey Monday!

I’m going to keep announcing the day of the week because not working makes keeping track of that more difficult. So there ya go, you’re reminder of what day it is. I know you needed that too after the holiday weekend.


Whoa, recap banner, where’d you come from!?

That’s right, I actually did things this past week. Good job body. *self high five*

Not really, but I did have a good week, finally. For the most part. Kind of.

Monday I set out to run for the first time in over two weeks. I expected it to be harder than it ended up feeling which was a pleasant surprise. I did the mile loop around my block in 12:05, which is not impressive for me, but given my limited running over the last few months and being pregnant I was happy with it.


Tuesday I hit the gym and did 30 minutes on the spin bike. Nothing too exciting. I’m finding I can no longer just cycle through song after song without a break anymore. I generally need a short break every song or two depending on how hard I push. Not a big deal, I’m happy to still be spinning and because I can adjust the bike to be more upright I’m planning to spin continuously throughout my whole pregnancy.

Wednesday I set out to run again and this time Hubby opted to tag along. He had to shorten his stride significantly to meet my turtle pace, but it was nice to have company. I always love that we run together, it makes me so happy. And even being slow and round he was just delighted to plod along next to me for a mile. Running with him was good for me too since we ran 1.04 miles and clocked the mile at 11:50. Again, happy about that.

I took a rest day Thursday because my calves were tight. That was a little sad to me that after two miles and 30 minutes on a bike I had tight muscles, but it is what it is. Friday Husband and I headed out to run again. We had a vague idea of where we going, weaving through the neighborhood. We ended up just doing an easy 15 minute plod and covered 1.27 miles at an average pace of 11:51, which is pretty good for me right now. We’re going to work on building up by time instead of mileage, which might give me a twitch because I hate not having round mileage, but it’s okay. I just really want to be able to continue running as long as possible, so if Husband is willing to plod along with me to help me keep going, I’ll be eternally grateful.

Hahahaha, just kidding.

That was the plan anyways. Then Friday evening we were heading out to run errands. I took my first step off the last stair on our back deck and went down, hard. My ankle rolled under and something in it made a horrible pop. My husband has never heard me scream the way I did in that instant. Lots of screaming and f-bombs were dropped through my tears.


We got me inside and I iced for about an hour. Friday and a good part of Saturday I could barely walk. I had to prop myself up on walls or furniture or counter tops to get around. I’ve spent the weekend cycling through icing my ankle and wearing a compression brace under my over the ankle height hiking boots to give my ankle stability. I’m moving better now, but I’m still hurting. It’d be really fricken nice if I could something other than Tylenol. Thanks pregnancy.

I may or may not take myself to a doctor today. We’ll see. Hopefully in a few days I’ll be feeling well enough to spin lightly. I also finally caved and bought a maternity swim suit which should be here sometime in the next week. Once that shows up I will be in the pool multiple times a week. Swimming sounds amazing right now.

So that’s it. I finally have one decent week and it ends with me destroying myself unintentionally. I just cannot seem to win. So we’ll see.

Anyone else do some sort of soft tissue damage to their ankle before? How long were you down and out for? Anything else I can do to help myself? 

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  1. Probably not the same type of injury at all, but I fell while running this spring and slid the inside of my ankle across the pavement. It took about 5 days for the swelling to go down enough that I could wear real shoes, but I took an extra few days before trying to run on it. I actually went to the doctor’s office because the road rash I picked up was starting to look infected, but my Dr. took one look at my ankle and said I had to get x-rays while I was there. Fortunately nothing was broken. I hope your ankle is feeling better soon!
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    1. Yike, road rash is never fun! I really don’t want to go to the doctor. I know it’s not broken and just soft tissue damage. Just a matter of how long it’s going to take to heal.

    1. Holy cow, I can’t fathom tearing that just walking. That would make me so upset. Thanks for thinking of me. I hope I heal up quickly too.

  2. I injured my ankle last year, twice. Once in May, my dog took me out about 3-4 weeks before a race weekend. It was sore for a few days, but it didn’t really bother me after that. I did a back-to-back weekend, went to get out of bed on Monday, and couldn’t walk. I ended up at the doctor and getting x-rays. Thankfully, nothing was broken. It was probably just a sprain or strain. I took it easy for a few weeks and was right as rain. Then again later in the year, I rolled it during a 14-ish mile race. I ran 13/14 miles on it afterwards. That pretty well messed with me for 2 months, but I also wasn’t very smart about that injury. I finished the race on a rolled ankle then went on to do a 12 hour endurance event 2 weeks later while it was still fuggarded up. I ended up finally taking it easy and was pretty good around the New Year. So far (knock on wood), I haven’t had any issues this year.

    So that was really long-winded to say: a few weeks (3-4) up to 2 months of taking it easy (meaning no running) has been my experience in getting over soft injuries.
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    1. That’s about what I suspected. I plan to not run again until after I get back from Chicago, which will have me off it for roughly 3.5 weeks depending on when that week I opt to try running again. Glad you haven’t had anymore injuries to it since!

    1. I’ve been RICE-ing! It seems to be helping as much as it can.

    1. Ouch, tripping mid run sounds awful! Letting it heal is definitely on the docket.

  3. Oh no! As someone who hurts myself randomly all the time, I know how you feel 🙁 I usually end up going to the doctor because I’m always terrified of broken bones, but hopefully you start feeling better on your own. At least you got in a few runs and soon you’ll have your suit to swim! It sounds like a much better week of workouts.
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    1. I hate going to the doctor. It’s clearly not broken and I’ve had enough sprains to know how to heal it and about when I might be able to try running again.

  4. I’ve taken a few spills during my pregnancy as well. The body is a lot more clumsy, off balance, and “loose” so to say, so injuries are actually quite common. I hope it is nothing too severe. You are smart to ice and elevate. Yay for preggo bathing suit and pool time. I am looking forward to hopping in the pool tomorrow!
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    1. Someone else mentioned the “loose” thing to me too. Something about the relaxin that’s released to loosen up your pelvis and hips ends up affecting all your joints and makes you more susceptible to injuries. Definitely does not work in my favor.

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