Running For The Weekend

Happy happy Friday friends. It’s about time too. Do the weeks keep getting progressively longer somehow, or is it just me?

Thank goodness I’m off work today. I will be holed up in my new classroom if anyone needs me. Dropping off some stuff, maybe moving things around. All of it, I just want to be there. After a long week where I worked late three of the nights, I’m happy to be off today. And I have an even longer week next week with three times as much over time, so I can at least look forward to having next Friday off too.

Have I mentioned I had a race this weekend? Maybe? Because I do. Musselman weekend sure did sneak up on me. And I’ve done nothing but EAT ALL THE FOOD the last few days. So I should be a sluggish, bloated mess on Saturday. I guess it’s a good thing I was too broke to pay the difference to switch from the sprint to the half iron. The universe has spoken.

Two miles on my lunch break. Be proud of me of for that one.

Look! I ran! I did that running thing I swore I’d do. I’ve even done it more than once this week. It’s basically a miracle because all I really want to do is lay on my hammock and eat pizza.


I’m hoping this weekend will be a bit of a reprieve. Little bit of racing, little bit of work in the basement (not really), lots of relaxing and hanging out. I have three weekends of back to back to back racing and I’m still struggling to kind of pull myself completely back together in terms of working out and training. Who made my race schedule this year anyways!? Oh, right.

How do you get your mojo back after a big race?
Who else is racing this weekend? Volunteering? Spectating? Just being all around awesome?

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  1. I love that Peanuts’ picture. That’s a tri I could get on board with 😉

    After a big race, I take a few down days to rest and relax. I try to work in a massage and a few yoga sessions, which both help my muscles recover. From there, I work back to pre-race levels (if needed) or find something new to train for.

    No racing for me this weekend, but I am going to be doing a practice race. Some local folks have set up an OCR course in their neighborhood, which they invited some of us to come out and run/practice on.
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  2. Omg that picture of Snoopy sums up my life! Love it!!! Anyways, good luck in the race! I know what you mean about slacking off on working out and eating too much, I’m doing it right now too before my half marathon. I think we will both be able to pull it together in time though!
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  3. I hope your race went well. I have those ‘eat everything in sight’ weeks too. No shame, right? I can’t believe you are racing three weekends in a row. Technically, that adds up to a 70.3? Ironman? How do you not burn out? My next race isn’t for a while, so I will live vicariously through you. 😉
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    1. A 20 mile sprint, an Oly, and a 10K, so whatever that shakes out to! I don’t know what I was thinking when I made my race schedule. I must have been in a registration black out or something.

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