Saddle Up

Fabulous Friday, I need you, I want you, oh baby oh! Happy freaking Friday! What a long week it’s been too, oiy. 

I guess I shouldn’t complain. Beyond my 11 hour workday Monday I actually only worked three and half days this week. And I snuck out early Tuesday and used my comp time to leave at lunch time Thursday. Annnnnd, I’m totally off today for my birthday weekend. I shouldn’t be allowed to gripe really. 

Do you know what I did yesterday???

Yesss!!!! I rode Finley. It was wonderful. And my speed and cadence sensor only malfunctioned a few times in the first couple of miles, ha. Better than last time. Someday it’ll work right. Someday. My data was only off a smidge at least. I can deal. 

However, it was only 40F and cloudy. I felt fine while riding, but I had some serious chills the rest of the day. The Rat Snake is only six weeks away and the bike course terrifies me, so I need to be riding. Plus IMCuse is in nine weeks. I just can’t wait around the Mother Nature to pull her head out of her ass at this point. 

Also, that saddle is not very comfortable. It’s too hard and way too narrow. But my triathlon budget is at it’s wit’s end. With a wetsuit still on my “to buy” list and FLT still to be registered for I’m straight up tapped out. I’m thinking I can swap it out for my saddle off my Jamis, which I like. And hopefully will still like when riding aero because a new saddle is just not in the budget. But at the same rate I don’t know if my Queen has 56 miles worth of saddle time in her on this one. 

On the workout docket for this weekend is an 8 mile run and a 20+ mile bike ride. Sunday is going to be gorgeous and I can’t wait to get Finley out in the sunshine. We’ll also be going to see the new Captain America movie. Gotta get in the spirit for our Avengers Half Marathon after all!

Fellow triathletes/cyclists-if I had to get a new saddle, what would you suggest?
Anyone else get a good ride or other great workout in this week?
Who else is seeing Captain America this weekend?

3 Replies to “Saddle Up”

  1. I know a lot of people adore the Adamo but I’m currently trying out the Visik Vesta and really like it so far – not too spendy either! We’ll see how it performs during tomorrow’s race though. Have a great weekend enjoying the sunshine – it will be nothing but rain here in Portland. 🙁

  2. One of my friends just purchased the ISM Adamo and loves it. She bought one for both of her bikes. I am looking into one as well. Nothing more important than a comfortable saddle!

  3. I HIGHLY recommend the Cobb V Flow Max Saddle. I have been riding mine for several years and it is great. One of the best parts is that when you order the saddle, it comes with a 90 day guarantee. You can return it for a refund if you decide within 90 days that it is not for you. I know several others folks that ride the same and I think they love it as much as I do!

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