She Believed She Could

Oh heyyyy, Friday. What’s shakin?

I haven’t been very good at getting Friday posts up lately. Time seems to escape me more often than not. It moves so fast every day, but the actual days themselves tick by oh so slowly.

I’m off work today and heading into another doctors appointment. I may as well start asking for a cot soon since I only have one more two week appointment left. Then I have 8 weeks of every week appointments, which includes the two hour round trip drive in. Super looking forward to all of that…

The exciting news is though that I will magically manage to not work a single full five day work week in the ten weeks I work before going out on leave. For real.

Week One: Started on a Tuesday- 4 days works

Week Two: Friday doctor’s appointment- 4 days worked

Week Three: Friday half day- 4.5 days worked

Week Four: Friday doctor’s appointment- 4 days worked

And for what I have left….

Week Five: Columbus day observed superintendent conference day- I go in 5 days, but Friday is a teacher work day, no kids

Week Six: Columbus Day and doctor’s appointment- 3 days

Weeks Seven through Ten: Weekly doctor’s appointments, 4 day work weeks

Guess I can’t complain too much. But let’s be honest, teaching while being giant and uncomfortable and cranky and having hot flashes and dealing with middle school kids is tough. I feel like I earn those extra days off. I had a day this week where I came home and cried, something I haven’t done since I taught in the inner city five years ago. Those days I cried because I hated my job so much. This time I cried because I was stressed out and my body was in serious pain in so, so many places. I’m finding that by Thursday of my work weeks I’m doing a hard preggo waddle and holding either my back, hips, or both whenever I’m standing or walking, which is what I do for about 90% of my day.


I have no freaking clue where the next nine weeks of growth and weight will go. I feel enormous, but I guess I’m probably not as big as I think I am since I still have two more months.

In triathlon related news, I am finally one step closer to making a dream I’ve had for almost three years a reality-

I pushed the button.

I registered for Ironman Chattanooga.


I have no idea how I’m going to train with a newborn, but I figure I can do almost all of my bike and run training in my basement while I’m home with Little Girl since I have a trainer and a treadmill. I’ll just need to figure out swimming. And just overall life balance; working full time, caring for a baby, and training for a full Ironman. I’ll struggle, I know I will. But I am so ready to toe that starting line and find out if I’m capable of covering that much distance with nothing but the will of my own body and my own mental fortitude. I don’t care if it takes me until 11:59 pm to cross that finish line. I know I can do this, I just need to make it happen now.

Do you have a dream race you itching to register for? Or maybe are planning to?

How do you balance life and training?

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  1. Eeeek!!! I am so excited for you, Courtney. I am going to be training for an Ironman too next year and can’t wait to finally live that dream of crossing the finish line. i will be in the same boat as you. I am planning on doing a lot of riding on the trainer and will be taking Axel with me in the jogger on several of my runs. Swimming is something I will need to figure out as well. We are going to become pros at time management and getting things done efficiently. It will be fun to follow along your journey and share experiences. πŸ™‚
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Body Image and Postpartum RecoveryMy Profile

    1. We got a BOB so I’ll be doing lots of runs with baby too. Probably not until the spring though, since we get pummeled with snow and she’s due in December. I’m super excited to have someone to share this experience with. Makes it seem much more doabl!

  2. I’m so excited for you Courtney! The IM journey is amazing…the ups and downs make it all worth it on race day πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to follow your journey!!
    Kecia recently posted…Lost FocusMy Profile

  3. What are the odds that we named our posts today almost the exact same? :)~

    You don’t look huge at all. You look awesome. And congrats for registering for IM!! You’ll earn your swimming time away from home with your newborn, just like you’re earning your time away from school right now! πŸ™‚ GOOD LUCK!!
    Rachel recently posted…She Believed: 5K TrainingMy Profile

    1. I’m definitely excited! Are you getting the Ironman itch for 2016 yet?

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