Sledding to Train

Oh weekend. You were excellent. Why do you have to end..?

We may or may not have gone sledding on Friday. It helps when your backyard has a giant hill in it. Makes going sledding easy.

And it was super fun. All fun an games until some crazy dog steals the tube and pops it. Sledding over. 

Aside from sledding, I don’t think I did much in terms of getting myself off the couch this weekend. After last weekends whirlwind road trip and my ridiculous couple of days at work last week, I was wiped. So our weekend was spent snuggled on the couch watching movies and the Olympics. 

Today I’m back to real life. A full week of work ahead of me with plenty to do, 6am workouts and a few two a days, and house work. Life as usual. 

I did get myself up at 6am today. It was a serious struggle since we went to bed a bit later than I would have liked, but I rolled right out of bed when my alarm off and just got it done. Had I let myself think about it I definitely would not have gotten up, but I’ve very glad I did. 

This morning’s workout was a mini brick. About 45 minutes all said and done, 10 miles on the spin bike and a 2 mile run. I was feeling great too, I wish I had time to do a longer one. I felt good on the bike then settled into my run post spin and just wanted to run and run and run. My body just seems to thrive off multisport. It’s so crazy.

I’m hoping to spend more time in the pool, which amazes me because the thought of giving up a run day is slightly heart breaking, especially logging so few miles right now. But getting my swim under control is crucial, and by the looks of our never ending snow outside right now, open water swims won’t be happening any time soon. 

But really, saying I want to swim is a big step for me. It’s not my favorite and I’m not very good at it, but I know at this point I need to be doing it more than once a week. And so I will. 

When was the last time you played in the snow?
Any good at swimming? Swim for fitness, racing, or leisure? 

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    1. Yeah, I’m not too concerned about the Rat Snake as far as swimming goes (all though biking may be another story). I’m a bit more concerned about the half Ironman I have scheduled five weeks later.

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