So Much Happy This Week

Oh my gosh, I have so many exciting things to share with everyone today!

First off, my race schedule is still growing. You can keep track of the ever growing list on my Upcoming Races page above. As if it was jam packed enough already I added three more races to it this week and a forth is potentially in the works. 

I finally bucked up and registered for FLT. I’ll be running the Olympic this year and if it’s not raining, choppy, and my bike breaks decide to work I should have no problem coming in under the 3 hour mark. 

FLT was a tough race for me last year. It was raining all morning, the lake was choppy, and the breaks on my bike weren’t working. But the sun came out just in time for the run and I finished happy and strong!

Hubby registered us for the BASE Race in Cooperstown again. However, this year we opted to do the 5k instead of the 10k. They moved the date of the race forward so it coincides with Hall of Fame Weekend. The 5k loops through the historic part of town where as the 10k is out on back rural roads. So we’re shaking thing up at this race this year. 

The third race I’m really excited about. My fellow fitness blogger and Junebug friend Kristen over at Run Away With Me and I have been trying to coordinate racing together for a while now. I’ve been trying to lure her NY to cross New York off her 50 states racing list, but it just hasn’t panned out yet. But, the Hubs and I will be heading to Philly in October to run the Yuengling Light Lager Jogger 5K with her. This race includes an edible cookie medal, finishers beer stein, t-shirt, and TWO FREE BEERS post race. Uh, yeah, count me in!

And the forth race that is a possibility will be a sponsored spot in the Peasantman Triathlon in August. Happy dance for sponsored race slots!!! I’m not sure which distance it would be for yet, but I secretly have my fingers crossed for one of the longer distances. 

The other totally awesome thing that happened this week was I got accepted as an ambassador for I’m Fit Possible! I love being part of fitness and health groups and these ambassador programs really help spread the love of all thing health and fitness related. Very happy to be part of a like minded group!

As for training so far this week, I’ve stuck to my schedule perfectly thus far, so I’m happy with that!

What’s something awesome that happened to you so far this week?
Is there something you’re looking most forward to coming up soon?

11 Replies to “So Much Happy This Week”

  1. I looking forward to cheering on a bunch of folks at the inaugural Rock n Roll Marathon/Half this Sunday in Raleigh! It should be a great time since they are calling for great weather and I know a lot of people racing! Something awesome that has happened to be so far this week is that I completed my long run of 11 miles last night after a full day of work. We finished up just as it was really getting dark. Most or all of my long runs will fall during the week and personally I am always excited to check a long run off the weekly plan. That is awesome to me!! Congrats on the new ambassador program…sounds really neat!

  2. Yay that’s me!!!! We are finally going to run together and there’s going to be beer and other Junebugs! Yay! And congrats on being accepted as an I’m Fit Possible Ambassador, I’m in there too and I love it!

  3. Welcome to the I’m Fit Possible community! I look forward to reading more of your posts, especially about that 5K with two free beers afterwards.. sounds awesome!!!

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