Sometimes Life Is Hard. Go Figure.

I’m so bad at this, you guys.

Update on me- today is my first day back to work. I’m 10.5 weeks postpartum. I’m sad I couldn’t take the 12 weeks (or longer) but it is what it is I guess. So that means it’s time to find a routine and try to figure out life all over again now that I’m adding full time work back into the mix.

As for workouts, I’m running as much as I can. I’ve been back at boot camp classes too and my lack of strength is embarrassingly terrible. I plan to go to the Monday night class regularly to force myself to keep up with strength training, because otherwise I won’t do nearly enough (or any, let’s be real). 

I’ve been working hard to get my running speed down. My treadmill and I are besties right now. I’m mostly doing 1.5-2 mile runs where I’m really pushing hard to whittle down my pace. I’ve shaved a full minute off my average pace time in four weeks since starting back up.

I’ve run 5k twice and I’ve shaved time off of that too. My first I finished in 34:50 at an average pace of 11:14. I ran another one this week, three and a half weeks later, and finished in 33:53 at an average pace of 10:56. So I’m verrrryyyyyyy close to my goal of dipping my pace below my pregnancy 5k speed. I finished a 5k at 18w pregnant at an average pace of 10:50, so I’m right there. 

My plan for workouts as I settle back into work is Monday night Baby Boot Camp class, coerce my mom into letting me run kid free two days a week after work, and workout both weekend days, be it running, lifting, riding, or some combination. That’ll get me five days a week. Plus I can always take the kids into the basement with me or run with them in the double BOB once the weather gets better.

As for my kiddos, we had a rough stretch. The terrible flu season hit our house hard. Ellie got sick and she wasn’t throwing up, so we assumed it was a cold, but it seemed to not get better and she was running fevers, tired, not eating much, very cranky and clingy and clearly in a rough shape. Then the baby spiked a fever. So we brought them both into urgent care on a Sunday, thankfully where our pediatrician also happens to be the medical director, and they were both diagnosed with the flu and RSV. And the baby continued to spike high fevers, then she started wheezing, so she landed at the children’s hospital. 

We spent three days there. It was… not fun. She needed fluids and tamiflu and tylenol and to have her poor little nose suctioned around the clock. It was sad and stressful, but thankfully she didn’t need oxygen or anything. And now we’re proud owners of a nebulizer.

Ellie is back to her usual self, finally, about a week and a half after getting sick. The baby is still congested some, coughing some, and a bit clingy and fussy. Rob and I also both got sick, but our amazingly wonderful pediatrician called in tamiflu for both of us when she diagnosed the girls, so we were already on treatments when we got hit. It mostly feels like a nagging cold, thank goodness. I don’t know how I’d parent a toddler and newborn with the full blown flu. 

Otherwise my kids are amazing. Ellie is sweet and funny and oh so smart. We’re working on potty training and that’s… something. But man, she really is just the best kid. I love her so much. And Cora is calm, snuggly, and sweet. She smiles and coos, sits and stands with support, and just wants to be cuddled constantly. She’s starting to play too; she bats at toys on the play mat and likes to watch Ellie, who is always trying to play with her. They’ll be two peas in a pod someday for sure.

As for this year, this season, I’m planning to use my deferred half marathon from the Syracuse Half this November. I also plan to run the Empire State Marathon in October again. Plus any other short distance races I feel like trying. I’m planning to do the American Heart Association 5k with my BBC team in April, so I have that to look forward to right now.

Hopefully I can write more than once a month at some point too.

Happy 2018, everyone.

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  1. It’s admirable you have the motivation and energy to workout so soon after giving birth. My wife and I were both so tired during the first few months children were born. My priority was to learn how to get them to sleep through the night so that we can get a good nights sleep.

    My son got bronchitis at two weeks old and had to stay in hospital for five days. They didn’t allow him to drink milk for days; he kept on crying, it was a nightmare.
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    1. I’m sorry about your son. It’s so hard to watch your child be so sick and sad.

      Thankfully, both my kids have been great sleepers. The baby only wakes up once a night at this point, so I’m getting rest!

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