Spring Tease

What a weekend! 

Syracuse basketball, ugh, what a game. 

We went to the Landmark Theater to watch it on the huge screen. The game had me in mixed feelings the whole time, but the referees ultimately ruined the game in the last ten seconds. Couldn’t even let the kids play the game. The refs totally threw it and we left frustrated. Here’s to hoping we pulverize Maryland tonight. 

We took Griswold to the dog park too. It was busy and he had soooo much fun chasing all the other dogs around. 

But the weather, oh the weather. In the 40F’s and beautiful. Sunny, warm, lovely. I had planned to go to spinning Sunday night, but it was way too nice to coop myself up in the spin studio. Especially because we’re back to highs in the teens and sub-zero lows for the unforeseeable future again. So I laced up my running shoes and took advantage of the weather instead. 

Just an easy 5k in the sun. It was wonderful. Not going for speed or anything, just enjoying the sun before it disappears again this week.

I taped up my arches too to try and deter my hotspots from acting up. I didn’t account for the fact that feet swell when running, so by the first mile my feets were hurting. I’m planning to try running in my new Brooks socks without taping and see if that works. If not I’ll just make sure I’m taping loosely. 

I also took Finley in for a check up back on Thursday. I haven’t had her looked over since my crash in December. I took her out for a few miles Wednesday night just to feel her out and she was making a bit of noise, so I loaded her into my car and took her over to Geneva Bike Center on my lunch break yesterday. 

They gave her good once over and said other than a few loose screws she looked great, gears were shifting smoothly, and overall nothing was wrong. Then they brought her upstairs and popped onto the trainer in their Retule fitting station and had me hop on. They took a few measurements, tweaked my seat position a bit for me, and she was good to go. I’m happy I got this done. Good piece of mind so I can take her out on long rides now. 

*swoon* Isn’t she just the prettiest!

Also, the guy who helped me out at GBC commented on what a great bike she is. It made me pretty happy. GBC doesn’t sell Felt, and while I’m sure he’s familiar with the Felt products being he’s  bike expert in a shop that sells both road and tri bikes, they probably interact with them less than the brands they carry. He also went ahead and confirmed what Bike Zone told me when I bought it; basically that my height says I should ride the next size down, but my legs are long enough to comfortably accommodate the medium height frame. He told me it was the right size for me and that it fit me perfect! So that too made me feel awesome. And now, once the weather gets nicer for real, I can start logging some serious bike miles and get through the learning curve associated with switching from a road bike to a tri bike. 

How’s the weather by you? Did you get outside this weekend and enjoy the sun?
Favorite sport to watch? I obviously love SU basketball!

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  1. Great weekend! Can’t believe a 9:20 min mile is an “easy” 5k for you – what I wouldn’t give to get down to that without feeling like I am almost sprinting! And yes, Finely is a beaut! Glad you were finally able to get her checked out. I’m still on the trainer until I can get my bike into the shop for an overhaul as well.
    Cold weather heading your way again – stay safe and warm!

  2. We had a gorgeous weekend but now I’m back to freezing my tatas off. Ugh. I ran outside on Saturday and it was amazing. I was almost tempted to take my bike out yesterday and do another ride but it’s too much of a pain to unhook from the computrainer. Fave sport to watch, used to be basketball (NBA) but I seem to have grown a bit disinterested these days. I AM looking forward to March Madness though. I think I prefer watching sports when there is something on the line vs. just regular season stuff.

    1. If SU gets the #1 seed they’ll play the first two rounds of the NCAA in Buffalo. Might be a doable trip for you guys, yes? We’re planning on going if they end up there.

  3. Yes! I was able to get out and enjoy the warmer weather we had over the weekend in NC! I made it out for my first outdoor ride of the year and we were in the upper 60s! I am so ready for spring! My favorite sports to watch are hockey (Carolina Hurricanes specifically) and college FB & B-ball (NC State). It is cool that you could go watch the game at a theater. What a fun idea!!

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