Staying Healthy, One Tumble at a Time

Hump day! Heyyyyyy, I thought you’d never come. 

I’ve spent the last two days at work on the phone non-stop with Toshiba tech support. Apparently one of my school based educators needs a Windows 7 computer, not 8, so I’ve been attempting to “downgrade” his computer. After two full days of trying to be nice and do as they say, they managed to do irreparable damage to the computer and told me “sorry, too bad, can’t help you.” Um… what..? There’s a reason why Rob doesn’t let me make the costumer service phone calls. I’m surprised I made it two whole days before my mouth kicked in. Oops.  

In other news. I’ve been having a good week for training at least. A little light so far, but as I feel better I’m starting to pick back up. My run Monday morning was tough and I nixed strength training. My swim Tuesday morning was fabulous and I’m going to turn into a little fishy sooner or later at this rate. And instead of spinning Tuesday night I took Finley out for a real ride. 

I hit up the Mini Mussel Triathlon loop. I started at the marina restaurant though as to avoid the Lowes intersection, just while I adjust to the handling of my new bike. And I turned down the wrong Yale Rd, so I ended up a few miles short of the whole course, but that’s okay. My Garmin speed and cadence sensor was acting up and my Garmin wasn’t recording correctly. It only caught 4.5 of the 11.7-ish miles I covered and told me I only averaged 10.9mph. No Garmin, no. Unacceptable. I managed a top speed of just shy of 28mph and actually averaged just under 17mph. Not race pace, but a good working pace while I learn to handle her and learn her gears. 

The seat also stabbed me right in the side of my glute. I’ll spare you the picture of my bruised ass. 

I also took a 0mph fall. I stopped for a second to yell at my Garmin and grabbed for my wrist before I had firmly put my foot on the ground or unclipped my second foot. Eating gravel, nomnomnom. 

Riding aero on a TT bike uses your leg muscles a lot differently than a road bike, so I definitely need to ride a lot more and get my legs conditioned for the muscular learning curve I’m in for. But overall I’m completely thrilled with my bike purchase. Good choice through and through. Once I become one with Finley we will win all the races! (Not true).

If the weather will ever cooperate that is. Did you know that after yesterday’s sun filled 55F weather we’re now getting TWO FEET of snow in a 24 hour stretch??? Go ahead and mull that over for a few minutes. New York, you bastard. 

So today I got up and got my usual workout in. Walked out of the gym to snow and a text from my boss; no work today. Fine by me, I can get my bathroom scrubbed and do some grocery shopping now. A lot of house chores slip by the way side when all my free time is filled with training related things. 

Also, I’m a featured today on Simply Modern Dance talking about healthy lifestyles, so head on over, read up and give Susan a follow because she has some incredible insight into making your life healthy and making it a lifestyle. She pretty much rocks!

Weather by you today, spring or still winter? 
What’s you number one healthy lifestyle tip you can share?

4 Replies to “Staying Healthy, One Tumble at a Time”

  1. I’m so glad you are feeling better!! The weather here is in the high 40’s but with rain and snow forecasted for this afternoon My biggest healthy lifestyle tip is to listen to your body and get enough sleep. Those are my answers to most things 😉

  2. It was spring yesterday and winter today, though fortunately only about 6 inches of fresh snow in Michigan instead of 2 feet you’ll be getting.

  3. Tumbles stink! Our weather here depends on the day. There was snow on Monday and Tuesday, but the rest of the week has been sunny. Crazy! My number one lifestyle tip is to stop dieting!! Just eat real food.

  4. Battle wounds are awesome! I’ve definitely taken a few spills on the bike. The weather in my neighborhood has been 60-65 with A LOT of sunshine… through the weekend. I am going to take advantage of every minute.

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