Step, Walk, Hop, and All The Baby Going Ons

Well, it’s Monday and I am officially staring down my first full week being out of work. Time is going to be coming to screeching halt for me at this point. I’m 36 weeks pregnant, anxious to meet baby, supposed to be keeping my activity levels to a minimum at this point, and have no distraction other than some minimal things to do around the house.

If you’re here from the blog hop, welcome! You can find my full story about how I got into triathlon and what it’s done for me here. Feel free to look around and email me or comment if you’d like =)

This past week was weird and all over the place. Monday I showed up to work and proceeded to inform my administrators it would be my last day due some disheartening news about the strength and frequency of my contractions after my doctors appointment on Friday. Arrangements were made, my sub was called in, I hung around to get a bunch of work done, then I left. And that was pretty much that for me and work. So much for making it through my work shower or the first quarter. Wishful thinking. Step count for Monday: 8,467. Extra walking: 1.5 miles with the Griz.


Tuesday we had our super frustrating follow up doctors appointment. We lingered in Syracuse for the day, spending some time with my dad. We took the doggies for a walk together before heading back home. Step count for Tuesday: 11,649. Extra walking: 1.85 miles total split between two dog walks.

Wednesday was my first real day off work. It was weird and I didn’t know entirely what to do with myself. I did a little tidying in the nursery and started on shower thank you notes, but otherwise I kept things pretty low key. Wednesday step count: 10,118. Extra walking: 2.75 miles with Griswold over two walks. 

Thursday I was tired. So tired. My sleep is completely trashed. Sleeping on my back makes me snore, which wakes up hubby (and me, because I sound like a damn freight train), because the weight of my own body and the 6lbs parasite in my gut are crushing all my displaced organs making it impossible for me to breath. When I sleep on my sides my arms and hands fall asleep and my hips start burning in pain. I wake up pretty much every hour in pain and have to resituate, which is basically a workout in and of itself. Just rolling over from one side to the next is painful, slow, difficult, and knocks the wind right out of me. As for anything productive, I did a little tidying around the house and drove out to school to grab some back work from students to get graded for my sub, but that was mostly it. Step count for Thursday: 11,125. Extra walking: 1.1 mile with Griswold. 

This is a solidly accurate representation of how I feel at night.
This is a solidly accurate representation of how I feel at night.

Friday was kind of a jam packed whirlwind of a day. We ended up back at the doctors. Yes, that makes three appointments in seven days. I’ll go into detail as to why on Wednesday, but my NST was long and was registered some might strong contractions all about ten minutes or so apart, as usual. Still not dilating though, so, ya know, useless contractions. Thanks, body. After what turned into way too long of an appointment, we went over to new Ashley Furniture store in town and bought lots of new stuff. We got a new sectional, new end tables, and a new dining room table. We were there for over three hours though, so between that and two hours at the doctors, I had become exceptionally cranky and swollen. We ended up being in Cuse all day, again. But we got a ton accomplished, so it was good. Step count for Friday: 7,733. No extra walking. 

Saturday and Sunday turned into pretty lazy days for Hubs and I. We did a lot of just relaxing around home and decompressing. Steps for Saturday: 4,953 and no extra walking. Steps for Sunday 6,823 and a 1.4 mile walk with Griswold. 

Basically identical to the photo above, yes? SO much belly!

I’m not sure what this week will entail for me. I’d still really like to hit the pool at some point, I just haven’t  quite gotten there yet. I have some light house work to get done, grading for school (yes, even though I’m on leave), finishing thank you cards from my shower, but really I’m supposed to be relaxing and not doing much. I had about a three hour stretch Sunday night where I was having regular and painful contractions, but I was able to get them to subside by taking a hot shower and laying down for a bit. I need Ellie to cook at least one more week so I do need to relax, for real. I just have a very hard time slowing down. I don’t well being unproductive and just sitting around. But I’ll give it a go if it means little girl stays put for a bit longer.

What was your best workout this week? Let me live vicariously through you!

Any seasoned moms reading want to throw some advice my way?

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  1. There you are!! 🙂

    I can not believe you signed up for this blog hop while 36 weeks pregnant! Go you! Although, the distraction may be welcome, huh?
    Sorry you’re feeling so uncomfortable. I hope whatever time you have left before the birth goes smoothly and you get to relax. I find it amazing that you’re still getting in good step counts each day!! That is awesome.
    Good luck!
    Meg x
    Meg recently posted…Comfortably Hiding The Ego Behind Locked DoorsMy Profile

    1. I’m on leave and restricted activity, so it’ll give me something to do in all my new found down time. But I am still trying to stay “active” because I am bad at sitting around. Thanks!

  2. Congrats on the baby!! And so awesome you are able to get so many steps in a day being 36 weeks pregnant! I hope the blog hop is able to distract you from being uncomfortable for at least a little bit 🙂 I feel ya on having a hard time slowing down. It can be so difficult when you are used to running around doing everything. Try to take care of yourself over the next couple of weeks!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Rebecca J recently posted…Holiday Recipe Makeover & Pumpkin CookiesMy Profile

    1. Thanks! I’m definitely welcoming the distraction while I have some down time.

    1. That’s good to know that normal takes some time to return. I kind of figure that, but it’s good to hear from those who have been there.

  3. Isn’t it so hard to sit still and relax when we are told to?! I remember going on Maternity leave with my first and I was so miserable that it didn’t start with a baby in my hands–I did not want to sit on couch (in my bloated misery) watching TV, etc. BUT–now that I am a mom of 2–those moments won’t come often. TRY to enjoy (as hard as that sounds) And remember the longer that baby stays in, the better his/her lungs will be (although the more uncomfortable you will be, sigh!!)
    Kristen @ A Mind Full Mom recently posted…Easy Whole Wheat Cranberry Walnut BreadMy Profile

    1. Yes! I planned to work two more weeks then I did, but my doctors yanked me. It is so hard to sit around and just be a pregnant mess with no baby in hand. I will definitely try to enjoy the down time. Thanks for being able to commiserate with me.

    1. Tracking my steps is keeping the athlete part of my brain sane! Thanks for the congrats =)

  4. I’m sorry but how are you already at 36 weeks?! I swear you were just announcing your pregnancy like a month ago. I’m so happy and excited for you and can’t wait to meet Ellie (if/when she makes her blog debut).

    I don’t have any mom advice to offer, but I hope you are able to relax and get some rest! And, of course, enjoy every moment when Ellie gets here.
    Heather recently posted…P90X – 7/90 competedMy Profile

    1. I know! I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever but at the same rate the time has completely disappeared! I will definitely get some rest =)

  5. All the best with the final countdown to baby! So exciting!
    My first daughter was 2 weeks early so I kind of expected our second one to be as well. Lots of false contractions and going in for monitoring with her. She finally made her appearance 4 days before her due date. Hang in there and happy blog hop!
    Marcia recently posted…Running and Coffee and Pizza Oh My!My Profile

    1. I don’t expect to see my due date at this rate, which is fine by me! Thanks for stopping by =)

  6. Hi, it’s nice to meet you through the blog hop! I can remember trying to turn over in the bed! That was always tough. Your belly looks great. Everyone told me I was the biggest pregnant lady they’d ever seen…gee thanks, just what I want to hear. I’m impressed with your step count at 36 weeks. I used to come home and nap on the couch after work. So, kudos for staying active. Ellie is such a pretty name. I know you are excited to meet her!
    HoHo Runs recently posted…Maniacal Training (WW # 14)My Profile

    1. Some days are easier than others to stay active and walking. There are definitely days where I just want to sleep nonstop, but I think being out of work helps. I was coming home and just crashing hard after long days, so I think it makes it easier not being on my feet for work all day. Thanks!

  7. Oh, I’m so excited for you -pregnant and just waiting for baby to come for the next phase of life to begin. You’re right, the cartoon pic looks like you and I can just imagine how hard it must be to go to sleep because I toss and turn until I find my spot… on my stomach, no less.
    I’m in the hop Round 2. It’s my first time doing it so I’m excited to find awesome new blogs like yours and I’ll be delving into other posts because I am thinking about triathlons now. I just learned how to swim this year so I feel like a whole new world of fitness has been opened up to me. 🙂
    Runwright recently posted…Let’s Go To The VideotapeMy Profile

    1. Yay for triathlon! Congrats on learning to swim, that’s definitely a huge hurdle for most people with triathlon. If you have any questions feel free to let me know. I’m a USAT certified tri coach and would be happy to answer any questions you might have =)

    1. They are so boring! But they’re informative, so I’ll keep going. Thanks for the well wishes =)

  8. Hello Courtney,
    founded you through the bloghop.
    I wish you all the best for the next time.

    My best workouts this weekend?
    I was in the Sauerland (Mountains germany)
    Friday 55k on Mountainbike.
    Saturday 102k on Mountainbike.
    Sunday trailrunning 46,2k in the Mountains (first long run ,and finished it under 5 hours)

    1. Wow, those are some impressive workouts! I’m very intrigued by mountain biking and hope to try it out some days. Congrats on being so kick ass!!!

  9. Hang in there mama! You are almost to the finish line! Honestly you have made it farther than I did, both my babies came a month early. I’d have to agree with you on getting in the pool, that was the only thing that made my body feel good when I was pregnant, I swam a mile the day my daughter was born and it was amazing haha! You got this, and then you will have a mini me to put in those adorable kids triathlons 😉
    Amber recently posted…The Virtual Gratitude 5KMy Profile

    1. This hop was definitely well timed to help me not lose my mind. I’m so excited to find so may new blogs =)

  10. Hi Momma!!!

    Yay to being done with work. I remember that first day being out… it’s definitely a change, but one you’ll get used to quickly. Look at all those steps you’re continuing to get though. I found that staying active right up until the end of my first pregnancy (I’m currently 16 weeks into my 2nd) helped me bounce back so fast! I am excited to browse around your blog a bit more as I’ve completed two triathlons in my life and would love to do another! I’m always on the hunt to read other people’s experiences!! Good luck in these last few weeks! You’ll be holding that beautiful baby any day now!!

    1. I’m trying to stay active! I’m glad to hear it helped you during your first pregnancy. It’s very reassuring. And yay triathlon! If you choose to do another let me know, I love reading along!

  11. Hi from the blog hop!

    Awww look at you! It will all be over soon (I know…not soon enough)

    I was on bed rest for the last 2 weeks off pregnancy due to low ambiotic fluid so I feel your pain although I was not having contractions.

    I know it is hard to not be busy but trust and believe your body will thank you for it. Any day now, you will be wishing for these rest /nothing to do days.

    Well at least you will have lots of comments and blogs to read this week-that is always fun 😉

    Sending you lots of love, patience and we’ll wishes from Maryland!

    1. Thank you for the well wishes! I am trying to just relax and enjoy the downtime while I can. I know once baby gets here it will become a precious commodity.

  12. Goodness me, what a week you have had! I hope you can get into the rhythm of resting. From what I’ve heard it can get a bit busy once baby comes along!

    My workouts have been rather lacking recently, but I’ve decided to get back into the swing of things and will be going to a Pilates class tonight.
    Nicola @ Faster Pussycat Run Run recently posted…Vegan Runners Virtual RaceMy Profile

    1. I keep hearing that too. I can only imagine! Have fun at pilates! I’ve never done pilates before but I always feel like I should go to either that or yoga more often.

  13. Hello from the Blog Hop!

    First of all – congrats on the upcoming baby! I am not an experienced mother (nor will I ever be!), but a few of my friends and coworkers have been through the long pregnancy. It’s so interesting (maybe not the best word!) how different bodies handle the little alien inside. Wishing you lots of health!

    My best workout was yesterday’s 10K Great Climate Race here in Vancouver! I’ll be posting a review on my blog shortly. It was not a PB, but I had a wonderful time all the same – and killed the last kilometre!

    Look forward to networking with you!
    Bradley recently posted…Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver Half MarathonMy Profile

    1. Congrats on a great race! I’ll keep an eye out for your race report. I love race reports!

    1. Hopefully he won’t be too jealous. He’s used to being doted on all the time =)

  14. I just have to say I’m super excited to be doing the blog hop with you right now because the possibility of a baby joining us is just too cool! Haha! You can live vicariously through me with my insanity workouts and spin classes, and my ovaries will just enjoy hearing about baby updates. 😉 Deal?
    Amanda @bephoenixfit recently posted…What’s Your Goal for #HolidaySweat?My Profile

    1. Deal! I finally gave up spin class at 30 weeks because I couldn’t adjust the bike anymore to keep myself comfortable and still have good form. I miss it!

  15. Greetings from Grow Your Blog! And Congrats on your soon-to-be new arrival. I have a five month old and a 3.5 year old and also teach – I TOTALLY get how hard it is to leave your classroom, even when you know you need to focus on your own sweet babe! Good luck in the coming weeks – I hope you get to meet your healthy little one soon!
    Sarah recently posted…I Actually Do Know What I’m Doing, Thanks.My Profile

    1. Hello! It is so hard to leave! I feel like I can’t fully pry myself away until the marker period ends on Friday. I’m definitely looking forward to focusing on my new little one versus worrying about how my classroom is running without me.

  16. I hope the little one makes an appearance soon! At least you have stories to tell about your pregnancy to the offspring one day. ☺

    I’m new to your blog via the hop. I look forward to visiting again. As far as my workouts go, right now I’m recovering from my big race, the NYC Marathon. Trying to get back into the swing of things while not going too crazy. Ha.
    Shannon @GirlsGotSole recently posted…The Weekly Chase #45My Profile

    1. Congrats on the NYC marathon finish! I have that race on my bucket list. Maybe someday =)

  17. You are doing a great job of keeping up all those steps. I hope you get to relax more this week. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in that boat so I don’t have any great words of wisdom. Your baby belly is adorable! That picture is so funny. I’d love to send that to my daughter when she’s closer to 40 weeks (she’s 24 weeks right now). Although you’re off work now, there’s always blogging to keep you busy!! Enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy!! Looking forward to the arrival post!!
    diane recently posted…Big Sur, Missed Race, Happy Camper!My Profile

    1. Congrats to your daughter! This blog hop will more than keep me busy! Thanks =)

  18. Wow, I think this hop could really give you the distraction you are needing with not working. I am so impressed at the amount of steps you get on a regular basis. That is awesome! I’m coming to you from the Grow your Blog hop and I look forward to connecting with you! Tell me about going to the pool do you exercise in the pool?
    Tricia@MissSippipiddlin recently posted…Weekly Wrap #14 Run Rain RestMy Profile

    1. I do exercise in the pool. I do a lot of interval based workouts since I race triathlons, to build my stamina and endurance. I’m registered for a full Ironman for 2016, so I really need to start logging some distance in the pool again at some point.

  19. I had a sister who had to on bed rest and take it really easy the last few months of her pregnancy to keep the baby in a bit longer. I remember what a struggle it was for her to just relax. It sounds so easy until someone says you have to do it:)
    I hope your able to relax over the hop, and use it as an escape a little to take your mind off those late pregnancy uncomfortableness that I hear creeps in quite a bit around this time.
    Beautiful dog! And I have to say, you look awesome for being 36 weeks and so lucky you don’t even look that far along:)
    Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…Life Can Be a Roller CoasterMy Profile

    1. Thanks! You’re so sweet =)

      And thanks for organizing this hop. The timing is perfect for me, it’ll give me a lot to do!

  20. Congrats on baby! You are so big! Go momma!

    I am always so inspired by all the mommies and pregnant ladies kickin’ butt! My boyfriends sister-in-law won’t even do dishes because her mother drilled into to her any movement at all is a no. It is so unfortunate. Go for you for still doing so much; with the blog and with the steps and everything! Give yourself a pat on the back for that and use everything that you have done as that motivator for you get that rest you need. I wish you all the best with baby 🙂

    1. Thank you! I can’t imagine at least being semi productive around the house.

  21. Visiting from the blog hop, and it sounds like we have quite a bit in common! I’m also pregnant (currently 33 weeks), and am also a teacher (I teach high school Social Studies). I can 100% relate to the feeling of never being able to truly be on leave. My administration has yet to find my long term sub, and one of my biggest fears is that I’ll either be forced to start my leave early, or I’ll go into labor, yet still be responsible for lesson plans and grading student assignments because they haven’t found my sub yet. A teacher is never able to truly detach themselves from work!
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

    1. I teach middle school health (yay talking about sex all day to teenagers!) and finding a sub for me was a big stress. Last year our PE teacher got pulled early and they hand’t found a sub for her yet and it was such a mess. I’m lucky that the teacher I replaced last year (he retired) stepped in and wanted to fill in for me. So at least I have someone who knows what they’re doing, but I still feel responsible for this quarters grades. I hope they find you a sub soon. I can’t believe they aren’t on that yet!

  22. WOW! The countdown is on! My first baby was 9.5 pounds, so I feel for you! Try and rest as much as you can and really watch your diet, no salt and that is all I can remember! Good luck! I am sure everything will come together at work, No Stress! Welcome to the blog hop!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Welcome to the Weekly Update!My Profile

    1. I’m trying to avoid salt! I’m sodium sensitive as it is. Throw in pregnancy bloat and swelling and it’s a nightmare. Kudos to you 9.5lbs, yikes!

    1. Thanks! Yoga sounds nice right now. I have a prenatal yoga video, I should actually use it, lol.

    1. Sub plans are the worst! Going out for even a day is a bear. Thankfully for me the retired teacher I replaced last year is covering my maternity leave. He taught in this position for 33 years and even though I left him plans, I highly doubt he’ll even look at them.

  23. Ahhh, you’re bringing back memories for me with my first pregnancy last year. I read your story about becoming a triathlete! Very inspiring. I hope to complete a triathlon eventually. It’s really nice to meet you Courtney!!
    Katie recently posted…Ditka Dash 2015 Race RecapMy Profile

    1. You should totally do a triathlon! Maybe a nice excuse to make a return trip to Hawaii =)

  24. You are so cute! I totally remember feeling like that silly preggo pic of the surrender flag! I was ginormous with my son who ended up being 9lbs. I swear it looked like I was carrying twins. I felt like I couldn’t move, ever. Are your legs tingling in your sleep? Mine were hot and tingling all the time, probably from lack of blood flow lol. I love that you are trying to stick with healthy habits, like step counting! I was having a free for all, until I started getting told to quit eating by my doc. She told me 70lbs was just too much to gain and that I wasn’t eating for 2, haha. She was mostly joking. I love how round your belly is!

    So today I taught a pound fitness class! It was my first intro and warmup and then 2 songs! Usually, I only teach 2 songs, because I am newly certified.

    Hope you sleep well tonight!
    Carleeh M. recently posted…All The Hype On Hemp Hearts.My Profile

    1. I get the tingling in my arms more than my legs! Lose joint make for exposed nerves and blood vessels that get pinched, so yes to lack of blood flow. Great job teaching your fitness class! I’m planning to get a fitness certification in the spring and can’t wait to teach!

  25. I am a keen Fitbit user, right now I am taking a break from wearing it but will get back to it soon. I am curious about your step count stats, you mention extra walking in addition to your steps. Do you only use your tracker for non-exercise activity or for all activity? (Just curious, I know some take their pedometer or tracker off during workouts and some wear it for everything). Congratulations on all that activity — especially given how busy you seem to be!
    Sam Sly recently posted…MEE Audio Sports Headphones ReviewMy Profile

      1. Prepping for baby definitely keeps me occupied. Not as much as it would if I was still working too, but I’m happy to just focus on myself and baby right now.

    1. I use a Garmin 920XT which is a triathlon specific watch that also happens to count steps, so I wear it 24/7 since it also tracks my sleep (which is sad to look at right now being super pregnant). The extra walking is my current “workout” routine right now since I’m not really supposed to, or very capable of, much more. I’ll be back to my usual swim/bike/run routine by the new year though =)

  26. I’m SO impressed that you’re taking part in the Grow Your Blog hop at 36 weeks pregnant! Awww it’s such an exciting time. My son came early at 33w 6d so I never got to finish the nursery or finish up on things on my to do list before he was born. I wish I would have had that time, you’re so lucky! It goes by SO fast once they’re born! Happy to connect with you 🙂
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  27. Awwww!!!! Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your little sweetie! The description of trying to roll over in bed made me laugh (sorry!) because it brought back memories of my first pregnancy…..we had a water bed (no kidding!), and it was a very elaborate production getting out of bed in those final weeks (that “baby” just turned 21 a few months ago, and is on schedule to graduate from college in May). Great to meet you through the Hop!
    Kim Hatting recently posted…Keeping it RealMy Profile

    1. It’s hard enough rolling over or out of bed. I can’t imagine trying to move around in my current state on a water bed, haha!

    1. Sleep is not my favorite right now, that’ for sure. I’m excited to be so close, but it still feels so far at the same time!

  28. 36 weeks and still going strong! Way to go! I think you’re like me and like to keep busy rather than sit around and wait for something to happen. I didn’t really slow down with either one of my pregnancies.
    Your dog is gorgeous! I’m sure they’ll both love having you around with your little one. Do you have a baby jogger planned yet? Mine saved my sanity!
    Cynthia O’H. recently posted…Review: Manitoba Hemp HeartsMy Profile

    1. Yes, we got a jogger! We got a BOB as one of our first big purchases. I’m totally excite to run with baby in the spring.

  29. Sleepless nights are no fun, but that’s part of the package.
    I wasn’t active when I was preggers, if I get pregnant again, I’m hoping that will be a different story, only time will tell at this stage.
    This week I did a hard 15km trail run. I haven’t done a trail like that in a while, and well I forgot how technical it was. At least I will know for the next time I do that track, which will happen next week some time. Needless to say today I’m walking like a grandma, and if something falls on the fall, it means NOTHING to me. Yep I have doms bad.
    Matilda recently posted…Running HeroesMy Profile

    1. I love a good trail run! It’s such a fun way to keep your mind occupied when it’s technical too. Kick those feet up and feel better. I won’t pick up anything that falls at this point either, but it seems we different excuses, lol.

  30. Glad to meet you through the blog hop! Congratulations on the oncoming arrival of your little spud :]
    I hope you find some good sleep before the birth, because I’ve heard once baby arrives there is no sleep either! D:

    I got in a great workout today. Got back into the gym and did back and chest weightlifting followed by a very tiring 20 minute run! Looking forward to learning more about you and exploring your blog!

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